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  1.  I am finishing up a "seek home (SH)" command with a Productivity1000 PLC and STP-DRV-4850 stepper drive and have my N.O. prox sensors individually wired to the inputs (complete separate circuits that fire their inputs individually). For some reason the "EN (home sensor)" goes low by itself when the sensor is fired but also is going low when I fire either the "STEP (CW over travel)" or "DIR (CCW over travel)" sensors during the "SH" command causing the motor to stop instead of going back to find the "Home" sensor. If I fire EN it's EN only but if I fire "STEP" it's "STEP and EN" or if I fire "DIR" it's "DIR and EN". Has anyone else ever had this experience and/or what might be causing this? I am am assuming I have a wiring issue because it is coming up on the SureDrive software status monitor when I test the sensors before I download to the drive. As always thank you to this community in advance for your time.