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  1. Compare 2 memory registers

    Thank you very much for your answers, it is working now!
  2. It is working now, I changed the number of reception bytes and I'm using RealTerm in order to send a number in ASCII + CR + LF. And for LED activation, I have used = (equal instruction) comparing with a specific value in HEX (#0034) for example. Thank you very much for your help!  
  3. I would like to compare the content of 2 registers of D memory on my CJ1M PLC. I'm trying instruction = (equal) and D30 and D50 memory registers to compare data and activate an output, but I don't understand why it shows the same direction (&98 on the image).  
  4. When I write 'asdf' + ENTER on Putty and transfer PLC memory to PC (CX-Programmer) it is only 'D' (HEX) (CR in ASCII) on D40 memory register.
  5. I have configured all, but it doesn't seem to work. Only save one letter on D40 memory register when I write 'abcd' + ENTER on Putty.
  6. I am really using Port 2 but it doesn't matter, I am already able to receive data from PC and I'm saving on D40 register memory. Thank you for your answer. If I want to use that value for example, if I write a letter 'a' on putty, I have 6100 in D40 memory register, I'm thinking on use = (equal instruction to compare with other letter 'a') in order to activate an output, but I don't know how to specify letter 'a' on equal instruction fields. (or boolean true or false values too)   And in the other hand, in case I use 'a' + CR+LN, the number of bytes would be 2?
  7. Hi! I would like to ask how could I send data from PC to CJ1M PLC, by SCU-41 module and RS232 cable, in order to activate an actuator (LED)? In my environment, I have a sensor that sends data from PLC to PC (I'm checking data, "HelloWrld" with Putty), with this configuration: And I have another section where I want to read the data from the PC in ordr to activate a LED I would like when I send for example a letter 'a' trough Putty, the LED activates. How could I do that? Thank you very much!
  8. CJ1M serial communication

    It is working now. Thank you very much! Note: I think one of the failures I was committing is not transferring CJ1W-SCU41-V1 Port 2 parameters to the Unit (I only clicked on OK)
  9. CJ1M serial communication

    Has it to turn on any led at SCU41-V1 module (moreover RUN and RDY) when it is transmitting correctly? The steps I took were: - Programming section with MOV instruction (params: S = 0, channel type; D = D0, channel type) - Programming section with TXD instruction (params: S = D0, channel type; C = #200; N = #1) - Transfer by RS232 port at CPU and RUN PLC - Disconnect RS232 on CPU and connect on RS232 (port2) at SCU41-V1 module - Use putty to check it sending data But it doesn't work
  10. CJ1M serial communication

    Yes I tried, but I couldn't. I don't know what I have to configure. I mean, for example, I have programmed the TXD instruction like: TXD Source_Data #0 #10 where Source_Data is D0 (address) and Channel (type) (like in the samples) But I don't know how to program the instruction so that it sends the sensor (address 0.00) value (on or off) and I don't know how to configure that the information is sended through the RS232 (port 2) at SCU41-V1 module. Thank you very much for your answer.
  11. CJ1M serial communication

    Yes, they are. Thank you  
  12. CJ1M serial communication

    I have read this: "Free Protocol mode. Free Protocol mode supports sending and receiving data using TXD (236) / TXDU (256) and receiving (RXD (236) / RXDU (255)) data. The Free Protocol mode can only be used with CS / CJ series CPUs with version 3.0 or higher with a serial communications card or unit with version 1.2 or higher."  Is CJ1M-CPU11 version 3.0 or higher and SCU41-V1 unit version 1.2 or higher?
  13. CJ1M serial communication

    Okay, now is running. I set DIP switch #5 to ON and it connected. I would like to ask if I can do the same at the initial topic question:   "Hi! I would like to know how I could send information throw serial RS232 communication. I mean, I have CJ1M-CPU11 connected with ID232 and OC201 modules, and I have an optic sensor (digital input). When the sensor turn on, I would like to be able to read the information (on/off) with an application like Putty (I have the PLC connected by RS232) to develop an application and show the information on another framework. I don't know if I have explained very well. Thank you! "   But now with the SCU41-V1 module and RS-232C connection, can I use the same instructions, TXD and RXD to send information about the sensor state (ON/OFF) to the PC so I can read with an external application? Thank you very much for your responses!  
  14. CJ1M serial communication

    I tried it and nothing, anyway which are  Auto-detect CX-Programmer parameters (just to make sure that I did well) ? Is there any other way to try?