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  1. Proface with Serial Printer

    Dear Sir, Good day. I facing difficulty on using proface to print out the data using serial printer. I did follow all the instruction on proface reference manual but still fail to print out anything. Anyone here having experience on this issue? Thanks. 
  2. Mitsubishi fx5u SFRD instruction

    Dear sir,  Good day. I using SFRD instruction to read all the value stored when the sensor trigger. When the SFRD instruction is end(whe the word device number goes to 0), it will move the value to my store value and change my store value.  May I know how to stop it to overwrite my store value?   
  3. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    Hi AngelB,  try select the directly connect to CPU.  Next click on the communication test.  It should be working.  For additional, make sure that you are connecting your pc and plc without any hub or ethernet adapter. It MUST be directly connect. 
  4. Mitsubishi PLC does not connect to PC.

    HI Angel. In your pc setting you can just set your ip and dns to obtain it automatically.  Next plug the ethernet cable directly from pc to plc and try communication test. It should solve your problem. 
  5. Fx 3s 20MT/ESS With Mrj3a Servo Drive

    Hi Fredrik.   Thanks for your reply. I tried a simple program using DDRVI instruction and i found out that the servo motor only able to drive in one direction when i connect to pin 11 or pin 36. As DDRVI instruction using two pin (Y0 and &4). Y0 refer to the pulse and Y4 refer to the direction. But i don't know how actually it works to control the direction of the motor? Do I need to use another output pin of PLC for another direction ? 
  6. Dear all, I had bought a mitsubishi plc fx3s-20MT/ESS which is the source output and I plan to try to send pulse to Mrj3a Servo Drive. According to the manual, it stated that the servo drive able to support the source type plc but I do find out that manual also mention that only sink type plc is suitable for melsec servo drive.  Anyone can help me in this case? 
  7. Dear All, I had encounter a problem when i try to open the plc project from Beckhoff CX9020 plc using Twincat 2. There error show that the File'source.dat' could not be read. I had connected the plc from system manager and i able to load the configuration of plc but not the program.  I do also tried to file the program file from the flash card but i cant find any .pro file. Is that any possible to read the program or source code inside?  Thanks.  
  8. Mitsubishi Pointer

    Hi Sir.  CPU used: FX3S-20MT/ESS 1. I am using DSW instruction to get the BCD value from thumbwheel and convert it to store in D0. 2. There will be an input to SFTLP function and will execute next instruction base on D0 value.  3. The problem i facing now is I cant read the value store in M(DO value) as the DO value is not a constant. 
  9. Mitsubishi Pointer

    Hi. I am new to Mitsubishi PLC. I am doing a project using SFTLP function. However this function set the n1 value to constant and output will be from M0 to Mn1 if N2 = 1. But my n1 is variable and n1 value was set to the highest to get the function block working.   May I know how to set a pointer or a way to call the Mvariable out base on the variable set?