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  1. I'm trying to connect a SMC EX-260 to a Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC so  I can run some valves with it. However, RsLogix 500 doesn't allow me to just setup a generic ethernet device like I would on RsLogix 5000. Is there a way I can communicate these devices together so I can use the SMC Valve system with my Micrologix?

  2. Good Morning,

    I have  question about Ethercat Configuration in Sysmac Studio. So we have a system where  I work that has an Ethercat network, and I have noticed that when we kill power on one of the slaves during operation, when it turns back on, communication is not re-established. Only a full system shutdown or a redownload of the EtherCat Network seems to fix this. Is there any setting in the Master Device that can be changed that would allow this to happen?



    eth slave.PNG

  3. Hello All,

    I am having a small issue that I hope has an easy solution. Whenever I plug into another project and try to "Transfer From" during sync, my NX102-9020 says that the PLC does not have comment information and cannot be restored. Is there some setting on Sysmac Studio that needs to be checked so I can pull the comments from the PLC? Any help is appreciated. 



    stuff lost.jpg

  4. Hi,

    I'm using a CJ2M CPU 33, and also a CJ1m Ad-041-V1 Analog Input and DA-041 Analog Output card.  I am using the Analog input to measure my current in my one heating application and  Ihave that reading and scaled correctly, but now  I want to use my Analog output to replace the Rheostat  we have in the system. I'm having some issues setting the range and getting voltage to vary. I also am a little new to Analog Outputs and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have attached my program here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Analog Heat.cxp