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  1. I'm cleaning out my garage and I'm getting rid of all the Allen Bradley PLC hardware I have accumulated of the last couple of years. Here is a list of what I have: Part # Description Count 1747-L551_B_4 Working Plc…tested both ports 1 1747-L552_B_4 Powers up but won't communicate with either port 1 1747-L532_D_4 Working Plc…tested the 232 port for communication 1 1747-IB16_C DC Input Card 7 1747-IA16_B AC Input Card 2 1747-OW16_C Relay Output Card 8 1747-OA16_B Triac Output Card 3 1746-FIOV_A Analog Combination Module 2 1746-NO4V_A Analog Combination Module 2 1746-NT4_B Thermocouple / mV Input Module 1 1763-L16BWA_B_D Working Plc…tested the Ethernet port for communication 1 1762-IQ16_B_A DC Input Card 1 1762-OW8_A_B Relay Output Card 1 1762-IF4_B_B Analog Input Module 1   I would like to sell it all in one lot for $2,000