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  1. Connecting Fx5u

    I inserted sd card while on stop mode. Then password gone.
  2. Connecting Fx5u

    Hello again, I tried with another pc and it worked properly. But I have an another problem. The plc has a password. I dont even download it.  Is there any way to remove password to download my own program ?
  3. Connecting Fx5u

    Thank you for your attention.  Now I installed another version of Gx Works3 and connection destination appear. I can ping plc, but still can not connect it. I think its weird because, sd/rd led is become green when I plug ethernet cable.
  4. Connecting Fx5u

    Forgive me but I cant find connection destination
  5. Connecting Fx5u

    Hello everyone, I have so many experience with other brands but its my first time with mitsubishi. I do same with   this tutorial but couldnt connect  Fx5u-32m with ethernet. I have Gx Works3 v1.017 I realize two things; First one is I dont have cc-link tab on destination connection. Second, there is a warning on setup. it say "please execute registration of profile from attached DVD ........ to use ethernet module." I attached both picture.    Regards