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  1. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    Problem solved.  I went over and looked at the working carpet machine, the cream colored cable that connects the HMI to the micrologix was in the PGM port.  So I came back over to the non working carpet machine and put the cream colored cable into the PGM port, uploaded the file, and no dashes - all zeros came up.  The guy brought over a roll of carpet and was able to make the cuts!!!!!   YAHOO!!!!!!!!!  I'm done with this thing.  I don't understand why the cable was in RS232 to begin with, but I'm just happy it's all working.    
  2. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    The cream colored cable is going into the RS232 port not the RS485 port, not sure if that makes a difference
  3. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    I configured the RS485 port, since it was blank before.  I've been changing the DROP number on all these am up to 5 so far and still getting all ---- (dashes)  
  4. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    So I only need to change the DROP number for the MICROLOGIX 15001 under the RS232 COmm Port, is that correct?
  5. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    I'm located in Cincinnati - No remarks about the Bengals please...…..There is a curse on the sports teams in this state...…. I located the guy who set these machines up for us awhile ago, he sent over a quote on changing the IP's, it was pretty steep, so I got wrangled into it!  Took some reading, and had to download the Crimson software, then it was try and hope for the best.....The first HMI was a piece of cake.  This one wouldn't have been as bad, had I not saved over the original file :( !!  Still wasn't quite sure what happened that it didn't work initially. So theoretically I can change the drop numbers in Crimson, trying zero instead of 1, send the file, and the machine may work sounds like? Agreed the music choices aren't too good.   Southern rock or country would be my picks :) I REALLY appreciate all the help on this from you.  They'd have my head on a platter if I couldn't get that carpet machine running again.  That's the one they use the most.  
  6. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    Attached is the program for the non working PLC.  I'm guessing the "Drop" number is what needs to be correct?     RL.cd2
  7. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    Clear_Setpoint,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0000,11,0,Clear_Setpoint,None Enter_Manual_SP,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0000,12,0,Enter,None Zero_Counter,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0000,15,0,Zero_Counter,None Store_Length_SP,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0001,0,0,Store_Length_SP,None Roll_Balance_Start,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0001,1,0,Roll_Balance_Start,None Roll_Balance_Stop,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0001,2,0,Roll_Balance_Stop,None Roll_Balance_Mode,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0001,6,0,Roll_Balance_Mode,None Reverse_Roll_Mode,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0003,1,0,Reverse_Roll_Mode,None Cut_Counter_Reset_I,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0003,3,0,Reset,None Cut_Counter_Reset_II,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0003,4,0,Cut_Counter_Reset_II,None Cut_Counter_Reset_III,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0003,5,0,Cut_Counter_Reset_III,None Fault_Invalid_Slow_Down,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,0,0,Fault_Invalid_Slow_Down,None Fault_Out_of_Carpet,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,10,0,Fault_Out_of_Carpet,None Fault_Buffer_Full_Manual,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,2,0,Fault_Buffer_Full_Manual,None Fault_Buffer_Full_Auto,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,3,0,Fault_Buffer_Full_Auto,None Fault_Unroll_Inv_Fault,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,4,0,Fault_Unroll_Inv_Fault,None Fault_Roll_Up_Inv_Fault,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,5,0,Fault_Roll_Up_Inv_Fault,None Fault_Cut_Tolerance,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,7,0,Fault_Cut_Tolerance,None Fault_MCR,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0001,14,0,Fault_MCR,None Man_Length_Feet,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0024,None,0,Man_Length_Feet,None Fault_PhotoEye,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B010:0000,9,0,Fault_PhotoEye,None Fault_Code,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0000,None,0,Fault_Code,None Page_Control,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0001,None,0,Page_Control,None Cut_Counter_I,Word,MicroLogix1500,C005:0011.02,None,0,Cut_Counter_I,None Cut_Counter_II,Word,MicroLogix1500,C005:0012.02,None,0,Cut_Counter_II,None Cut_Counter_III,Word,MicroLogix1500,C005:0013.02,None,0,Cut_Counter_III,None Cut_Length_Feet,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0023,None,0,Cut_Length_Feet,None Fed_Length_Feet,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0025,None,0,Fed_Length_Feet,None Roll_Balance_Feet,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0026,None,0,Roll_Balance_Feet,None Counter_Feet,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0028,None,0,Counter_Feet,None Last_Cut_Feet_I,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0051,None,0,Last_Cut_Feet_I,None Last_Cut_Feet_II,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0052,None,0,Last_Cut_Feet_II,None Last_Cut_Feet_III,Word,MicroLogix1500,N007:0053,None,0,Last_Cut_Feet_III,None Slow_Distance,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0002,None,0,Slow_Distance,None Creep_Distance,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0004,None,0,Creep_Distance,None Stop_Distance,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0006,None,0,Stop_Distance,None Load_Distance,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0014,None,0,Load_Distance,None Calibration_Length,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0016,None,0,Calibration_Length,None Cut_Tolerance,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0017,None,0,Cut_Tolerance,None Roll_Balance_Inch,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0019,None,0,Roll_Balance_Inch,None Cut_Length_Inch,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0023,None,0,Cut_Length_Inch,None Manual_Length_Inch,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0024,None,0,Manual_Length_Inch,None Counter_Inch,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0031,None,0,Counter_Inch,None Fed_Length_Inch,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0025,None,0,Fed_Length_Inch,None Calibration_Factor,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0032,None,0,Calibration_Factor,None Machine_Powered_Time,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0047,None,0,Machine_Powered_Time,None Machine_Total_Cuts,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0061,None,0,Machine_Total_Cuts,None Machine_Total_Fed,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0062,None,0,Machine_Total_Fed,None Machine_Enabled_Time,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0050,None,0,Machine_Enabled_Time,None Last_Cut_Inch_I,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0051,None,0,Last_Cut_Inch_I,None Last_Cut_Inch_II,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0052,None,0,Last_Cut_Inch_II,None Last_Cut_Inch_III,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0053,None,0,Last_Cut_Inch_III,None Fault_Line_1,String,None,None,None,None,Fault_Line_1,None Fault_Line_2,String,None,None,None,None,Fault_Line_2,None ReadString,String,None,None,None,None,ReadString,None ReadCutLength,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0013,None,0,ReadCutLength,None Password,Word,None,None,None,None,Password,None ReadCutLength1,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0013,None,0,ReadCutLength1,None CutLength,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0000,None,0,CutLength,None RollBalanceResults,Real,MicroLogix1500,F008:0018,None,0,RollBalanceResults,None In_Tolerance,Flag,MicroLogix1500,B003:0000,9,0,In_Tolerance,None  
  8. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    I'm not sure where the info on the displays is coming from :(   I can say that the carpet machine is connected via TCP/IP and that IP is in the host file on the IBM Power 8 system, which talks to the HMI.  All I did was change the IP address, subnet, gateway info in the Crimson 2.0 software and clicked Send.  I had my laptop hooked up to the HMI via a USB cable.   Then I got all those dashes and the guy who runs that machine said it's supposed to be zero's, and he used to be able to change the number of feet and inches manually, but it won't let him do that anymore. The Protocol 1 under Ethernet shows Comm_Read() for driver settings on port 3001 The Protocol 2 under Ethernet shows Comm() for driver settings on port 3002 But all those settings came from the file I exported from the working carpet machines HMI, so maybe this carpet machine's HMI had different setting, though I wouldn't think so as they look like identical machines that do the same thing.   I wished I hadn't saved over the original file!!! All I know is I have to get this machine functioning....it's hard to do when I don't know anything about these critters
  9. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    We don't have RSLogix 500 software.   So does that mean I'm up a creek without a paddle?
  10. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    There is a cable from the HMI to the Microlinx 1500, not what I'd call an ethernet cable though.  It's the cream colored cable.  
  11. HMI G3 not working using Crimson 2.0

    Hi Michael I only changed the IP in the ethernet tab, along with subnet and gateway.  I don't see where to change the IP on the PLC?  As I said I'm not familiar with HMI, PLC's etc. If the IP on the PLC was changed, it happened when I send the updated database file using Crimson 2.0        
  12. I know nothing about HMI's or Crimson software.  I'm in I.T. and we had to change the third octet in the IP address and gateway on all devices at our warehouse.  I extracted the file on one HMI, changed the ethernet info, and clicked send.  That HMI that runs a carpet machine works perfectly.  I went to the second carpet machine.  Extracted the file changed it's ethernet info, clicked send.  It came back with all ---- (dash's) instead of zeros, the carpet machine won't work.  I kept messing with the file trying different things, and inadvertently saved over the original extracted file!!!!!  So I thought I'd extract the file from the working carpet machine and loaded it on the second carpet machine.  I get the same issue, all ---- (dash's) on the HMI and you push any of the buttons on the front of the HMI and nothing works.  These are Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 running Crimson 2.0 HELP I don't know how to resolve this issue.  I would have thought both HMI's would have been the same!  HMI all dashes.eml HMI all dashes2.eml