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  1. I am relatively new to ControlLogix and have never done DH+ communication. I think I have figured out SLC to SLC, But I am having trouble with a ControlLogix Master and a PLC5 Slave. I have a good DH+ signal and am able to go online with the PLC5 via the DH+ link. What I am not sure of is how to set up the read - write messages in the Control Logix so that data is shared between the two. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks ... that was helpful When I said Master / Slave, I was refering to the fact that the Control Logix was going to be doing the reading and the writing while the PLC5 was not going to have the read / write logic. Thanks for the info! Pat
  3. I have a project with several different ladder programs in it. I open the 'job change' ladder on the ControlLogix controller online with no problems. When I try to open it off line, it will not open and will splash the following message... FATAL ERROR! Application Path c:\(yada yada)\RS5000.exe Version: V13.03 Source File: RxData.cpp Line Number: 668 Error 0x8004203b (-2147213253) RxE_INVALID_INTERNAL_STATE - Internal invalid software state due to inconsistency found. Press OK to terminate application Does anyone know the cause of this? No integer in this program has a value of -2147213253 (if that is what it is saying). Or has anyone else experienced this phenom?
  4. Mitsubishi A-series onboard clock? Tic Toc

    I have used the built in clock many times over the years. BEWARE!... The clock is not a Swiss time piece; I would suggest that you plan on correcting the time 4 times a year. Since the internal clock does not have a daylight savings time function, updating time at least 2 times a year (if you use daylight savings time) is necessary. Plan on checking the time half-way between the daylight savings days. I have found each PLC is slightly different in its accuracy; however I found 2-3 minutes shift over a 6 months period. If you have an HMI, time setting can be done through it using PLC logic.