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  1. [NJ501-1300]Changing count mode

    Nevermind. I handled this.
  2. [NJ501-1300]Changing count mode

    It must be done while GearIn command is executed and Axis is moving.
  3. [NJ501-1300]Changing count mode

    Thank you for answer. I've got another question, is it possible to set actual position of an servo axis ? MC_SetPosition can set only command current position.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with packing machine. There are some issues with one of the axis, when axis actual position is near to 1800000 some error appear and operator has to turn off machine on main contactor. This axis is working in Linear mode. I think that rotary mode would be better for this axis. And here is my question. Which instructions, and what options i should change/check when i change count mode in axis's options. Can any1 point me some manuals to read or give me some advice ? Thank you in advance.