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  1. Hi, I have setup the Simple PLC communication in RJ71C24 (Channel 2) for communication between Mitsubishi IQ-R series PLC (Mosbus RTU Master) and multi drop Modbus RS485 Slave devices. The Simple PLC Communication Setting shows below: Just wonder is there any communication error flag to indicate communication fail for each communication request in Simple PLC communication ?
  2. I am facing a Proface HMI device with password protected, the device is not allow for me to backup the graphic unless I key in the correct password. The HMI model is GC4501W.   Appreciate if you can share the method to hack the Proface HMI password.
  3. Hello everybody,From user manual "ControlLogix SIL2 System Configuration", SIL2 Add-on Instructions is required to configure SIL 2 PLC application. However, the Add-On instructions can only be obtained through RA.Due to poor support of my RA, can anybody help to provide the SIL2 Add-on Instructions in here?Thank you for advance.