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  1. Learn CX-Programmer

    Thanks a lot bits n bytes
  2. Learn CX-Programmer

    Dear All,  Is there a manual to learn about CX_Programmer ? or a video series that can help ? Thanks.
  3. Analog Calibration M200

    Sorry Saruans, I may made the post confusing. Now the process I'm working on is : 1- I've a Schneider CPU TM200CE40R + TM3AM6 analog IO module. 2- I've a pressure sensor that will guide a pump controlled by a speed drive. 3- the pressure sensor signal to PLC is 4-20mA. 4- The PLC output signal to the Speed rive is 0-10V DC. I think now the process is clear that I'll get the signal from the pressure sensor calibrating it in the PLC and giving an output analog signal to the speed drive.  
  4. Dear All,  I'm new to programming with Schneider. I've a Logic Controller TM200CE40R and software SoMAchine Basic V1.4 EL, now I'll have to calibrate an input signal from a pressure sensor signal of (0---->20mA), how could I do that. Also, I'll give an output signal (0----> 10V) to a Speed drive. Thanks