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  1. Adjusting the homing offset in Logix 5000

    Hi TWControls, Thats fantastic, just what I was after. Cheers Kevin
  2. Hi, I am trying to load a different offset (homing) into an axis using logix 5000 (Ver15.01), this will be done via a recipe, does anybody know which parameter I need to load this into. We already load values into the servo (speed, index etc) via a recipe system and I would like to add this one in. Cheers Kev
  3. Heating Up Water

    the starting temp will be approx 60° heating up to 90°, I imagine about 20 mins to heat up would be a good assumption, the water will be in an open tank so the pressure will be atmospheric. Thanks for your calculation finfin, using online calculators I got about 4 Kw, so your working out looks good. The only other thing I may to consider is water loss, this is for a food process where the water could become contaminated and require replenishment. However the difficult thing I have, is that this is for a prototype machine to determine if what we are trying to do will actually work. So I don't know how many l/min etc to account for. I don't think the loss will be too great, so I was considering going for 4.5Kw and see how it goes. Thanks Kev
  4. Heating Up Water

    Hi, I have a project at the moment where we have to heat up approx 40 litres of water to about 90°C, does anybody have any formulas or calculations I can use to determine how much heat input in KW to acheive this? I am planning on using electric elements to do this. Thanks Kev
  5. New Laptop

    I've had a look at the toughbooks, they look the business. But I almost fell off my chair when I found out the price.
  6. New Laptop

    Hi, I am looking to replace my laptop and wonder if anybody has any they could recommend. It would have to still have a serial port and be compatable with the rockwell PCMK card for DH+ / RIO. I am finding it difficult to find a new one with the serial port, I don't want to use a USB - serial adaptor as they look to cause too much heart ache. Thanks
  7. SCADA On a SLC 5/04

    Thanks for that, I'll give it a go.
  8. SCADA On a SLC 5/04

    That sounds interesting, how do you sync the RTC on the PV+ with the PLC?
  9. SCADA On a SLC 5/04

    Hi, I am looking to do some downtime analysis on one of our production lines, so I can display, amount of downtime, length of faults, downtime in last hour etc for each individual machine. All of the machines have SLC 5/04 controlling them with another 5/04 controlling the conveyor system, all connected via DH+, with a PV+ temrminal also on DH+ My plan was to use the conveyor system PLC (as this is the most common to them all) and via message functions from each machine time the stoppages and downtime. I want to display an hour by hour analysis for the machines but this will have to be in time with the production line clocks, my main concern is getting drifts in time as this will then render the process useless as the downtime will be recorded hourly. Is there anyway to syncronise the clock in the SLC? I know about the set time and date function when you have a laptop connected, but I will not have a laptop connected all the time. Perhaps a timeclock which triggers an input to the PLC to move a known value into the PLC clock. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or better ways please feel free to comment. Thanks
  10. RIO Module Compatability

    Thanks for all your help, The main reason was that we keep one type in the stores and not the other, so this has saved us keeping both.
  11. RIO Module Compatability

    Hi, I have a number of old PLC 2 systems which communicate via rio using a 1771-ASC adapator module, also on site we have the 1771-ASB module for use on our PLC 5 systems. My question is can the 1771-ASB be used as a striaght swap for the older ASC type? I have been looking on the rockwell website and the main difference I can find is that the ASC will only work using 8 point I/O, but this should not be an issue with the ASB.
  12. Speeding up detection response times

    I did not know the RIO scanner operated on a different scan to the scan time dispayed I thought it was a combined number. Your idea is very feasable, as it happens this RIO rack I am using was an addition a number of years back and is in fact a few feet away from the main Local I/O and there is a few points free now so I can try this. I will give this a try.
  13. Hi, I am using a PLC 5/40 which uses remote I/O, approx 12 racks worth. The problem I am coming across is I am detecting a tray coming past a thru beam sensor, this sensor then fires a pneumatic solenoid to enable a pump to provide a deposit in the tray. The issue I have is that the position of the deposit is varying and it needs to be in the same place each time, I have added various timers in to "tune" the deposit, but it works then sometimes moves. I am putting this down to a scan time issue as the current scan is about 18mS. I have used the immediate input function and this has made the deposit better but I am still getting variations, aside from using a standalone method has anybody got any ideas? Standalone is not ideal as we trim in the values using a panel view which is located nearby. I have seen the trick of scanning the same rack a number of times in the I/O config chassis table, but was wondering if there are any other ideas out there. Thanks
  14. 1747-Pbase Software

    That's great, thanks very much for your help.
  15. 1747-Pbase Software

    Hi, I have a machine which has an SLC5/04 which is communicating with a telemecanique VSD via a 1746 BAS module, I have read on the rockwell website that it will have a basic program stored in the module which can be looked at and edited etc via 1747-Pbase software. Does anybody know where to get this from or had anything to do with programming one etc. What I am looking to do is replace this VSD with a rockwell equivalent but I need to get some background on the settings etc before I go any further. Cheers Kev