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  1. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    Update::: Fixed the issue, was slightly confused on how to get the BootP disabled. I was assigning a separate IP address to the Controller for our facility which has all of its controllers on their own network. In doing so I was using an automatic IP address from my laptop to initially communicate with the PLC through the BootP program, but when I would go to disable to BootP it wouldn't communicate with the controller so I had to go through my adapter settings and change my IP to nearly the same IP I entered into the PLC (One number off at the end) and then it disabled it nearly instantly. Hopefully this helps somebody down the road that is pretty new at it like myself!
  2. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    I have a micrologix 1100 PLC as well as a weintek HMI all connected through a network switch for them to communicate between each other, however I'm having an issue where the Micrologix Controller will not retain its IP address once I set it through Allen Bradleys BootP tool. I can set it through the tool and then go into RSlogix 500 and communicate with it and all that, but once the controller is turned off the IP address goes back to its factory setting of not showing an IP at all. Any suggestions/ ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?