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  1. E900 Operating System Required

    Thanks for your help. I contacted Beijer and they were able to supply the version 6.10 firmware in a BIN file. I was able to download this to the E900 via System Loader Software but only after I erased the memory on the E900 first. My project was then able to download and now I have a working spare for the company - happy days.
  2. E900 Operating System Required

    Hi, I am trying to download a program for a Mitsubishi E900T. I get an error message "The connected terminal (E900T V4.03 B104) doesn't match the selected type (E900 V6.10). Abort Transfer". The manual indicates that I need to update the operator terminal operating system. To do this I need a file with the new operating system program (OPSys_b*.cab) of which I need version 6.10. I know it's a longshot but is anybody able to supply this file?