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  1. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    thanks Wasan ,  X0 input for add 1 to D128 , x1 to decrease ,       D128  it saved in a temporally var D10 ,   output y7 flashes "D10" times ,  when finish Y0 on ,   now works but if you can simplificate , or write better , thaaaanks ,  regards from Barcelona ...
  2. Hello sirs , first sorry x my Spanglish , next i 'am newbie in plc's  (before work in asembler an C language) and i have a little problem i work with MELSOFT GX DEVELOPER 8.98  and try the instruction FOR NEXT , and not works ,   please i need a little help thanks , waiting x solution ,  thanks  really  ...   ;)