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  1. WEB Serv

    Recommendations product for small application, only send variables prodution. Compact module have integrate : Webserv (TCP/IP protocol) + MODEM Indepent products or any brand PLC, sugest.
  2. Operational System

    A-Windows 2000 B-Windows NT 4.0 C-Windows NT Pro D-Windows XP Pro E-Windows XP Home F- Windows XP (Home and Pro- not diference) G-Windows NT (any version) Which operating system get extensive compatibilization with SW PLC and SCADA? Specify the software that Run under you selected OS. Observation, not associate run for "old software" PS: Please admin, convert to pool.
  3. Money?

    Good subject. A-Industry big (gigant)=> Constant access of people with automation knowledge B-Industry small =>Little access.Or not reconize technology Conclusions: A- Paid less of due offers. (Frequent have acess to request offers) B- Paid the adequate or more . How much valley service? One exactly service, frequent it is the same value for industry A and B? If the difference exists depends on which factors. I agree, HalBishop. I use a gradual discounting in function of the complexity!
  4. SFC software

    Here SFC from GRAFCET. Have others tools Tool cluster search Insert GRAFCET
  5. PLC sectronPMC20

    Webpage Selectron Have page download, not find exact you system in list or it rename
  6. Memory fire

    Ok, it understood I will group the necessary resorts. Who will be free, I will be in the first room PLC In Return machine is lacking 11 hours, I am going to be prepared.
  7. Micro PLC

    I find micro PLC with IHM front. Already visited the majority that is known. I remember Micro-PLC, that it insert of the panel, through a puncture circle of 22mm, allowing to the IHM the front and behind module them with the connections. I do not remember the name, manufacturer... help
  8. How it is best?

    I utilize STL, I have practices with the FX WIN (SW0PC-FXGP/WIN)- Has some bugs in the construction of STL (for myself, occurs messages error), If question, as program STL with FXWIN, of way to do not cause you fail in the code or error of the program, I have some rules. IF it call files STL in CDROM, my drive bad... not possible fix samples picture STL
  9. Rate of rise/Temperature Control

    Krk It is possible, this equipment distinguish smoke of chips burned??? It would be, more a sensor of I smell. An alternative, however less efficient. Read temperature from VFD's, get network or if possible, set parameter output associate temperature.
  10. Very good, tutor. Peter and Ron, as everybody appreciate teacher and learner .That such fear him "PID for internal control" Always, applies PID for external control. I know that can be utilized, in the internal control of the software, estatics, anticipate values, can simplify or replace calculs Fair, I know that is possible, is little exploited is option Ps: It new about, open new post i see.
  11. Ok, What software?

    What you use theree version? What necessary? News features 2.30-2.40, series A? What link for download 2.40 version.
  12. Sense special

    Soon it will complete a month. And did not I uncover, which half adapted of measure a fish. ... Nobody, has idea? Which element sensor appropriated.. Already verify, the scanner of the link indicated. However inviavél, cost elevated. Difficulties... has some forum specific in sensors? Tranks replys
  13. E5ZE

    This product The product working independent of the PLC? A short explanation In down page , what is Configuration Methods:EDS
  14. Project Collaboration

    Resorts: All I find from the Internet, webpages, manufacturers, etc Student of library, for organize technical documents and register information. Get a list of persons by region and specialty, even be needed to Programmers of VB, Delphi or PLC for determined locality/brand. Do not I perform straightly engineering, only the begin and the end of the project. It is not sufficient the answer, that expected but that I have say it
  15. Project Collaboration

    Welcome Leonard! I am recorded, in you board! 1) Visit the factories, anticipate situations, problems, project and offer. 2)Resources? ? What types resources. 3)Yes. 4)Yes. Mainly design and seletion what, types, resources of will go deterrmination hardware/software. 5)Bad projects facts, projects ?!? Not, it choose achieves what and filter Cooperation and colaboration - As focus of him fear. is somewhat difficult thing of obtain integrally. The first one topic of this section, I did with this incentive, but had not adhesion.. My network of resources; In The researches, meeting names and curriculum, invites converse it about the profession, if the person is open, integrated to the profession, he presents for the colleagues. I have colleagues, mainly from the Europe. Always I am brought up to date that project, system a companion carries out in the moment and afterwards as he carried out, he is to only rule! By good trinks