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  1. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    This issue has been resolved. It was a "word" "double word" mix up in the parameter settings on the gauge. The PLC program has been modified to fit the parameters on the gauge and the PLC is reading the information correctly from the gauge. I am now trying to configure the communication between PLC and HMI but I need a dasapp.exe file from wonderware. I have contacted their support about this and am awaiting a reply.
  2. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    Yes. The address on the gauge and within the program are correct. The words settings for each parameter are correct too. Should the gauge start reading automatically? Thank you for your reply. Regards Phil
  3. How do I transfer data from a non siemens device i.e., a proton gauge to a Simatic S7-300 CPU316_2 DP PLC over a profibus network.I have installed the required GSD file for the gauge into Simatic, added the module onto the profibus network in the program, addressed it accordingly between the gauge and the PLC but how I do I get the PLC to Transfer the data (logic) to the gauge over the network?RegardsPhil Diameter Gauge