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  1. Comunication error between NS8 PT and CP1H.

    Done!  The problem: I was not able to disable Port A because It was being used, then, It didnt let me delete Port A.  I went to option "Find" then, "replace host" and I replaced directions from Port A to Port B. Then I could delete PORT A comm settings, I downloaded the project, and It worked.   Thanks, IO_Rack.    
  2. Hi everyone! I got this machine with a CP1H PLC and NS8-TV00B-V2 as PT. I was told that they were working fine, but suddenly, It appeared a communication issue: black screen and "connecting..." at right bottom. I dont know if It is a configuration problem or some hardware damage.  These are the configuration in the PT and the PLC. The communication is through RS232 Serial.  I tried to communicate another PT screen with the same communication settings and IT WORKED!. ' I've been thinking that, perhaps, the serial port A is damaged, I have tried to set port b, but I havent could. How can I configurate PORT B??   THANKS...