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  1. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    Thx for the prompt reply. i will read the manual. but why right now if I’m sending 2500 for PLS the motor rotate almost 2 rotation (like 1 3/4 rotation for 2500pulse)? do you have any idea where should i check? I’m using cp1l-m30dt-d for this case. thx before
  2. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    Dear BITS N BYTES,   Thx for suggesting me using PLS2 instruction, I will use it in the future, so for now i will try using PLS & SPED instruction for this case since i modify the existing machine. Sorry i mean i send 1525 pulse (not 1.525) to PLS instruction. Before that, I'm new to servo drive and servo motor with its application to PLC. So why I'm sending 1525 pulse means 1 rotation in the PLS instruction? How to i determine hw many pulse for 1 rotation. I got 1525 by testing one by one. I'm sure there is a better way to determine the pulse for PLS instruction.   So is it correct that the F in the SPED instruction is 83.333 for the max speed?
  3. Hi All,   Need some help on Cx-Programmer. I've been using CP1L to control Panasonic Servo Drive and Servo Motor by using instruction PULS & SPED. Panasonic Servo Motor model number is: MDMA502P1G, with Servo Drive type is: MFDDTB3A2 The questions are: 1. In my opinion for PLS is the instruction to ask the servo motor rotate by how many degree by sending pulse. and SPED is the speed of servo motor, was it correct? 2. One rotation should be 2500 pulse per rotation according to servo motor specification, but why I'm sending 1.525 to PLS instruction means 1 rotation (360degree)? 3. What is the maximum speed for this servo motor? Should be 2000r/min (based on photos at Servo Motor) * 2500 pulse per rotation while SPED units for F is pps, means maximum speed is around  83.333pps?   I'm sure i was wrong, please advise and correct me. Here i attach the name plate on the AC Servo Motor. Thx.
  4. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    I can also open it from both of your link. Really thx for the help.  
  5. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Hi All, Means without GRY command in CJ series, I can use CP series and use to convert gray code by some sort of ladder diagram? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thx.   Best Regards, Budiman Chandra
  6. Encoder E6CP Omron to PLC Omron

    Hi Gtsupport & Jay Anthony, Thx for the support and reply. Means i cannot use CP1E and need to change to CJ2 series? Or is it possible without GRY instructions, i just use normal ladder diagram and read the encoder data to CP1E? If it is possible, how about the configuration? or the wiring? Do i need to do special configuration like high speed counter, etc? I will read the manual about this and get back here again. Thx.   Best Regards,   Budiman Chandra
  7. Hi Michael,


    May i ask some help with Encoder E6Cp to PLC Omron CP1E series?

    I'm new to connecting Encoder to CP1E series.

    Really thx for your help.

  8. Hi All, I really need help on connecting Encoder Omron E6CP to PLC Omron. What PLC should i be used? Is it possible to use CP1E-N40DR-A? Can i ask for sample program for this case for me to learn, since this encoder use 8 cable? How is the connection diagram for Omron E6CP to CP1E? Really need help for this case. Honestly, i ever programmed PLC Omron for some case DI/O, AI/O, using remote IO, Modbus and etc but I'm still new to Encoder. Thx.   Best Regards, Budiman