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  1. Task Priority 16

    I have made a fat bloated program that runs too slow. I tried working under the philosophy that "Premature Optimization" is the biggest time waste in developing programs. Now my program takes to long to run and throws a task error. I am attempt to cut the primary task's cycle time down I tried to move programs that use IO to other tasks. Task 16 is supposed to be able  to handle IO but it doesn't come up as a selection choice of priorities for me. I can do 17 but I get errors trying to use IO variables at that priority level. NX102-1200 controller, Sysmac Studio 1.30.1. Should I be able make a task at priority 16? I have some analog IO that I don't need to update every millisecond and I have some data and loop intensive FB's that only need to run once hour and I'd like to get them off my primary task's to-do list. I'll be busy re-writing my program FB's to accept specific variables instead of bloated structured variables and converting and changing Lreal's to real's and some other Premature Optimization tasks so I can run the sucker. 
  2. OLD Siemens PLC

    Microwin v4.0 sp9 runs on windows 10? Any tricks to it. My IT guy will be happy to bury the last Windows 7 computer.
  3. I am programming an NA5 with Sysmac studio. I would like to have a column of DataEdit boxes whose variable is an array and the array indices is a local variable, PLC_Tool(ToolTableIndex).Diameter. Below that PLC_Tool(ToolTableIndex+1).Diameter. I tested this out using data display and it worked well. However, the DataEdit control does not seem to allow me to use a variable as an indices. I can't seem to write to DataEdit.Expression in code either. I am making a tool table that contains a number of tool parameters that I would like to be able to edit. I am setting up to use 50 tools. I was hoping to find a nice grid control to display and edit these tools but it looks like I have to make my own table and have a means to scroll up and down. I though that was disappointing until now that I can't even do that. I was considering using NA recipes to display this but the PLC is commanding what tool to be used. I would have to have a means for the PLC(NX-102) to select the recipe/tool. Any thoughts on this?