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  1. Using a Display With CPM1A

    Hi thanks for the info i'm going to check it.
  2. Using a Display With CPM1A

    Hello, I have a smal project to do with a CPM1A OMRON PLC, the ideia is for the user choose a number (1-10) and have the PLC stop a machine every time it counts that number ex: User selects 3. Machine counts 3 objects and stops. My pricipal issues are: 1) How do i connect a display to CPM1A does anyone allready connected one ? The ideia is the user see the number he wants. 2) Is it possible for example... to change the counter value based on the user selection ? for example: User selects 8: Machine counts 8 objects and stops. Hope someone can give me some ideias, since i'm not very used to work with PLC's. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I have a Sick CLV410-0010S04, i need to use it in a project but im having problems conencting to the Scanner. I know this is a very used scanner so i would like someone that had some experience wit this reader to help me. Before i can connect it to my PLC i need to change some parameters in the Scanner, i used the software that comes with the scanner but, when i changed the STX and ETX parameters to STX CR the software simply doesn't reconise the scanner anymore... It seems there is a way to load the default settings using a normal Hyperterminal and a RS232 cable, but i can't seem to connect to the scanner with the Hyperterminal... Sorry my english and my question not so about PLC but.... i don't have any Help from sick about this issue and can't find any forums about this. Thanks.
  4. Sequence With 3 Digit

    The monitor is set up to Text because if i put it in Hexa is more dificult for me to understand what im reading... but yet..for example 98 TEXT is = to 3938 Hexa so its the same i have to work with 2 words. Thanks.
  5. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Yet ! As you can see in the Picture im doing the sum to the D540 +1, the D571 should be .899 and it is .998, is adding the 1 in the first left digit and it should be in the first right. I understand that it starts from the left to right, but is there any way to overcome this ? to do the normal sum ? Other thing... even if i can do that... when i sum +1 to the value .899 it should appear .900 and it appears .89@, i think that is because is BCD and not normal real values... Other problem Thanks.
  6. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Hi, I was seeing this instruction :), ok i will study a little bit more, as soon as i complete this program i will put it here in the forum and make a full description of what it does. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Well i can't seem to get the right compare with CMPL... For example this situation: The value in D542 has to be = to the value in (D572 + 1) in the picture below. The +1 is in the D552 Position (can't see in text mode) That's when i have the 2 digit.. i can +B(404) to the D572 an then compare the D542 with D572. With 3 Digits i don't know how to do that... or more simple... how can i do the +B(404) with the 3 digits occupying the 2 words ? Thanks.
  8. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Hi people, I have done a program that compares the 2 Digit sequence from a Scanner reading to the last scanner reading. I move this 2 digit from the read result to a new Word and then i do a compare with the last read, and to a total sequence number, as in the first 2 pictures. Well after some help from some forum users it's done !!! But i have a last problem... i need to controll 3 number sequence... and then i can't compare with CMP since it occupyes more then a word :|, im very noob in the PLC world... is there a way to compare the values in the (D530&D531) and (D540&D541). Or treat them as only a value ? Is there any way to do this ? there is an example of the actual reading in the last picture. Sorry for my english... i can try to explain more clearly if there is any dought. Thanks.
  9. TIM Function

    Hi people, Unfortunaly im very noob in the PLC world and using FB is something i YET don't know how to do, but with your help i have done what i needed with the Timer function :) Maybe not the best way to do it but its working there it is the part of the programming i need help. Once Again thanks all for the help :)
  10. TIM Function

    Hi people, In the image example, when i have an input on, long enough, it activates my output after the time is set in the timer. What I need is to activate a Timer only with a pulse signal, activate the output the time the timer is counting and then when it ends the output goes off. Is there other instruction more suitable for this operation ? Thanks.
  11. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Ok, Thanks for all the help, in my questions principaly PdL, if i now have any more dificulties ill open a new topic since this is starting to move from the principal question that is now solved. Once Agains Thanks a lot to all.
  12. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, Thanks, so i have changed some things... now what i have is in the picture below... I think that its ok to start the control, my 2 principal problems are: 1) What can i use each time that there is a reading, something like, if D700 <> D800+1 (in the picture example D700 = 37 and D800 = 38) activates a error output... how can i compare the word to validade the integer value i want to control ? can i say for example "if the value integer in the D700.1 <> value integer in D800.1+1 " 2) The first reading from the scanner the value appears in the in the D500 the others in the D501, you know what could be happeing ?
  13. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, I've been trying to move the data i need to other word but it seems something is not right... i have seem the instruction help and i think im doing the correct thing
  14. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, yes exactly... sorry for my Noobness... I was forgeting that since i was trying to get the value to (..) lol... Now i want to controll the sequence, i want to say (for example in the picture) if the actual value in D500 (A) 038 is = to the value in D600 (B) 037 +1 sequence OK. The 3 first numbers are the sequence controll i want to controll that after each reading... what way to do this you advice me ?
  15. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Doesn't seem to work he doesn't move the word before doing the scan... The A392.06 is activating because if i change to A392.10 (for example) there isn't any data changing in the plc memory, with the A392.06 is too fast and i can't see it but the data is really sent. But the movement and the bit set is not working...