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  1. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Yes and the PLC 5 running this system.  May go with a Thin Client and InTouch app.
  2. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Thanks!  That helps answer a couple of questions we had about changes that were made.
  3. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Thanks for trying!
  4. Hello, I have a .PBW file in an obsolete PanelView that I need to troubleshoot, but I can't open it.  Called AB TechConnect for support, but tech said it was too archaic and he, essentially, needed to start with a Windows98 machine and PanelBuilder 32 to even begin.  FactoryTalk doesn't know what to do with it.  File is attached.  Any suggestions/assistance is much appreciated ABWWTP.PBW