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  1. S7-200 Pros and Cons

    Khek Thanks for the informed answers. My company currently use the Mitsubishi FX family PLC for all of our equipnemt. We have had some of our customers request Allen Bradley PLC's and controls instead of the Mitsubishi PLC's. I have given the task of finding new automation controls for our machines and I have narrowed the list down to Siemens and Allen Bradley. My background with PLC's mostly was with Allen Bradley but I have used other PLC's such as: Reliance Electric Automate, PLC Direct, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, ATC, Telemecanique/Modocon, Allen Bradley SLC 500 and MicroLogix and PLC2 and PLC3 and PLC5, Siemens and Omron. I need to make an informed decision for the proper PLC and have the Platform work for a minimum of 5 years. Thank you in advance for your help. swimmy67
  2. S7-200 Pros and Cons

    Thank you for your response. I guess the wizards seem more cumbersome than helpful. For example, the PID wizard has over 7 pages that need to be "Next" through. The settings and parameters have to be set anyway, one page would work just fine. I have an evaluation copy of the MicroWin software and the programming seems very cumbersome. I have downloaded some programs to see how they function. I have to give an informed answer to my employeer reguarding the Siemens S7-200 product line. Thank you for all of your help in this matter. swimmy67
  3. S7-200 Pros and Cons

    I guess I really need some information about the S7-200 system. 1) Can the programming software program across a family line? i.e. S7-200, S7-300, S7,400? Do I need to purchase different programming software for the S7 family? 2) What is the advantage of having wizards in the programming software? 3) What are the advantages of using the Siemens vs. the AB MicroLogix PLC? 4) Can the S7-200 family use other HMI touch panels? i.e. IDEC, CTC, Maple? 5) Can the S7-200 Communicate to VFD's using Modbus/RTU? 6) How reliable is the PID loop in the S7-200? 7) Why so many wizards in the programming software? I just can't seem to get over the amount of wizards that are in the software and the amount of code that you can not see because it is Siemens Protocal. I hope you can answer some of these questions. Thank you, swimmy67
  4. I have successfully used the 9300-RADES Modem / 4 port network switch. I can dial into the modem and connect to the ML1100 through the Network port. I hope this helps.
  5. Fx2n Communications Issue

    One other thing you may want to concider is the speed of the com port. From the Transfer Set-up you can choose the speed. The FX2N will not communicate if the speed is faster than 9.6K. When connecting to a new FX2N you may have to set this and save the program to save the communication settings. Set the comm port to your Comm port ie.. Com 1, Com 2 etc. Set the port speed to 9.6K. and then click test communications. I hope this helps. swimmy67
  6. Data Table Control

    Colin, During my years programing the SLC 500 or even the MicroLogix PLC, I have got into the habit of uploading and saving the existing program residing in the PLC before I do any edits. I too have found out the hard way that the data could be different from a backup file that was used for the first download. I have applied this practice on all of the PLC's that I work on. If I go to a customers location to edit the program, I first upload and save the existing program even though I have the original copy of the program. I want the latest and greatest program to fall back on. I hope this helps. swimmy67
  7. Fx3u Programming

    GX Developer Version 8.25 supports FX3U PLC.
  8. Ab Slc 5/04

    Ryan, What this means is that you need to reset the fault in the processor. The cause of the problem was removing the power supply under power. This is what caused the fault light to start flashing on the processor. You will need RSLogix 500 and RSLinx to communicate with the SLC to clear the fault and a copy of the program to download back into the SLC. I hope this helps. swimmy67
  9. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Hello All, After running trials and changing code I was successful with the Auto Tune today. The whole issue was running two different PID loops. One for Auto Tune and one for running the process control. I changed the code to run only one PID loop. With the auto tune I set the parameters and loaded them into the pid parameters. After the auto tune finishes, the bits that were set for auto tune turn off. I monitored the bit for when it turned off and saved the values in battery backed registers. Here are the parameters that I used for auto tune: (S3) - 500 (S3)+1 Set bits 0, 4, and 6 (S3)+2 - 10 (S3)+3 - 0 (S3)+4 - 0 (S3)+5 - 5 (S3)+6 - 0 (S3)+25 - 0 (S3)+26 - 4000 (S3)+27 - 0 (S3)+28 - 0 When the auto tune finished the values were saved in D400 to D406 registers. The saved values were: (S3) - 500 (S3)+1 Set bits 0, 4, and 6 (S3)+2 - 10 (S3)+3 - 20869 (S3)+4 - 331 (S3)+5 - 5 (S3)+6 - 829 I ran the pid for about 2 hours after auto tune. I set parameters: (S3) - 2000 (S3)+2 - 95 This seemed to stabilize the MV output value. I will post the finished code after I clean it up from the trials today. I wish to thank everyone that gave me so much help with this project. Thank you all, swimmy67
  10. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Well I was not successful in using the Auto Tune to obtain the values needed for the PID control. I used many different suggestions and even on from tech support in Japan through Mitsubishi Electric. The biggest problem is the Auto Tune never finishes. Yesterday I started the Auto Tune at 1:00pm and by 4:30pm the auto tune was still operating. I aborted the auto tune process and tried the valuse that I received from Colin. I am attaching the program to show the changes that I made from the original program. I hope all will ba able to learn from it and apply any further suggestions. Thanks to everyone that helped me with this project. swimmy67 FX3U_PID_Program.zip
  11. Micrologix - Setting The Clock

    TW, Setting the RTC is much like setting it in a SLC500. One way to set the clock is with the Function Files RTC tab. Click "Set Date & Time" button. See attached image. To load integer values from a communication or a move instruction the format is: RTC:0.YR for year. RTC:0.MON for month. RTC:0.DAY for day RTC:0.HR for hour. RTC:0.MIN for minute. RTC:0.SEC for second *(seconds are updated every two seconds)*. RTC:0.DOW for day of the week. Thanks, swimmy67 ML1100_RTC_Setup.bmp
  12. TWControls, I wish to say thank you for the post for the ML1100. It is a great write-up of the trials of the ML1100 PLC. I wish that I could have done a project with the ML1100 but as of yet all I have is one sitting on the shelf. This PLC was intended to replace the Mitsubishi FX3U PLC that I am using on a current project. The PLC will be used on additional projects instead of the FX3U PLC. The Ethernet can be configured in RSLogix 500. Double Click "Channel Configuration" and choose Channel 1. I have attached a bitmap showing the parameters that I set to view the Web Server. I could not get our network to assign an IP address so I set it manually. Overall I like the ML1100 PLC. Granted it has its limitations but for what it does in such a small package it is a good choice. Thanks, swimmy67 ML1100_Ethernet_Setup.bmp
  13. Rslogix500 Bug List?

    Terry, The release notes have that information. Start>Program Files>Rockwell Software>RSLogix 500> Release Notes I hope this helps, swimmy67
  14. novice programmer

    Hello, Here is a link to ebay. I purchased a PCMK ver B card from ebay and have had no trouble. http://cgi.ebay.com/Allen-Bradley-1784-PCM...1QQcmdZViewItem The drivers for the PCMK card are located on your copy of RSLogix 500. Thanks, swimmy67
  15. RS communication between PLC & Drive

    Here is a program that I am using to communicate between 3 FR-E540 drives and 1 FR-A540 drive. This program uses the RS instruction for communications. I hope this helps. swimmy67 4_Drive_Communication.zip
  16. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Colin, Thanks for the information. I will look it over and try and see if I can get it to work. The Honeywell Modutrol is used for Natrual gas flow in the Eclipse burner. Low flame to high flame control. The burner is heating cooking oil to 190 deg C. I am trying to control the burner with the PID function in the Mits PLC. So far I have not had any luck in controlling it correctly. I will keep you posted on the situation. Thanks, swimmy67
  17. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Colin, With the FX3U PLC the PID function is a little different than the FX2N PID function. There are added parameters that have to be set for the PID when auto tuning. FX2N PID has fewer parameters. The parameters are (S3) to (S3)+24. The FX3U PID has parameters from (S3) to (S3)+28. In addition the parameter (S3)+1 has additional parameters to set. Parameter (S3)+1 bit6 sets "Step Response Method" or "Limit Cycle Method" for the auto tune. When selecting Limit Cycle there are additional parameters that also need to be set. Parameter (S3)+25 to (S3)+28 also need to be set. The problem that I have is the PID not functioning as it should. I have set the Proportional gain to 10%, The Integral time to 60, Differential gain to 0, Differential time to 0. I set parameter (S3)+22 to 100, parameter (S3)+23 to 0. When the PID runs ,continuously of course, the output percentage does not maintain at a percentage between 0% and 100%. When the PV is low the output is 100%, when the PV is high the output is 0%. when the PV is at setpoint the output is 0%. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks, swimmy67
  18. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Collin, Thanks for the reply. I have read the post and tried the settings but it still did not work. I personally do not think that the Mitsubishi PID is able to work for gas heating applications. All of the sample code that I found was for Electric heat and not for gas heating. The problem is for the PID to control the MV output from 0% to 100%. Every parameter that I put into the PID would not work. When the temperature is below setpoint the MV output is 100%. When the temperature is above setpoint the MV output is 0%. There is no in between. The PID will not control at say 20% to 30% when the temperature is near the setpoint to maintain the temperature. I have tried the auto tune to establish the proper settings but the auto tune would not finish. I aborted the auto tune and put in values that I calculated from the FX3U analog manual. Thanks for your help. Kari Swimelar swimmy67
  19. FX3U PID Autotune Parameters?

    Just a little more information: I am using a FX3U-4AD-PT-ADP RTD input Card. FX2N-2DA Analog output card. Honeywell Modutrol M7284A-1046 actuator. I hope this helps, Thanks, Kari Swimelar swimmy67
  20. FX3U PLC PID function

    I am using GX Developer FX Ver 8.25.
  21. FX3U PLC PID function

    Hello All, I am receiving an FX3U plc and I was wondering if someone has any programming samples for the PID function (FNC 88). I read through the manuals that I received from Mitsubishi. I was not able to find much information on their Web site about the new processor. There are some improvements with the FX3U. 1) Built in communications function for communicating with the Mits inverters. 2) Improved PID function with additional parameters added. 3) Can connect modules to the Left side of the PLC for faster communication speed. 4) Supports USB programming. I am looking forward to receiving the PLC today. I only hope that the PID function will perform better. I use the PID to control a Heat Exchanger for heating cooking oil for an industrial Fryer. When I have a working program, I will post it for review. Thanks, swimmy67
  22. FX3U PLC PID function

    Hi All, I have almost completed the programming of the FX3U PLC and the GT1000 touch panel. Here is the hardware that is being used: FX3U-64MR/UL FX3U-4AD-PT-ADP FX3U-485-ADP FX3U-USB-BD FX2N-16EX-ES FX2N-2DA GT1585-STBA I am connected to four FR-E540-0.40K-NA Inverters over RS-485network. Everything seems to be working. I am having a hard time with the Touch Panel getting things to display correctly and setting up message boxes. The GT1000 has a ladder monitor function built. You can upload the ladder from the PLC and view and make modifications from the touch screen. The PLC has enough memory that I was able to download the comments. I am attaching the working program. This is a new program that we are developing for our machine. Look the program over and see if you can see some peoblems or easier ways to do some things. I will accept all criticisms from all comers. Thanks, swimmy67 Kari Swimelar FX3U_PLC_Program..zip
  23. wonderware button

    Hal, That is what everyone is here for. To learn and share information. I realize that you have been working within this profession for a long period of time, but I think you need a little more patience. My two cents worth.
  24. File Name: MicroLogix 1100 Selection Guide File Submitter: swimmy67 File Submitted: 6 Nov 2005 File Category: Manuals, Tutorials Here is the MicroLogix 1100 Selection Guide. Click here to download this file
  25. Version


    Here is the MicroLogix 1100 Selection Guide.