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  1. Logicmaster 90 Software Needed

    Update: As I expected, GE Automation does not distribute or support Logicmaster 90 any longer.  I would appreciate any help so I can get this program off this PLC.
  2. Logicmaster 90 Software Needed

    I need the LM90.exe software to pull the program off of an old 90-30 PLC.  Proficy ME will not communicate and I know I've run into this before where the earliest 90-30's will not work with Proficy and I have had to use LM90.  I used to have a copy and don't know what I did with it.  I'm in communication with GE Automation, but it does not look promising.  I just need to get the ladder so I can minimize the engineering time to migrate to a new PLC.
  3. Software for GE 90-30

    Get an old laptop with an RS-232 port.  I don't believe Proficy ME is compatible with all 90-30's.  I have had to use the LM90.exe DOS software for some of the older models.  If you want to try Proficy I could give you an iso for an old version so you can see if it works.  You will also need an equivalent cable to the GE-Fanuc AS693232SNP.
  4. Learning about MicroLogix 1500

    Keyspan USA-19HS is the one I use as well.
  5. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    I'm using the actual GE-Fanuc AS693232SNP converter cable.  5VDC checks good.
  6. Learning about MicroLogix 1500

    What USB-RS232 converter are you using?  If it is a cheaper converter, the COM port emulation won't be very good.  You may want to try a different converter.  I have one that I use that is very compatible, but even mine runs into issues occasionally. Native RS232 is always the best way to go, I bought an old Win XP Toughbook for working with this type of old technology.
  7. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    Thanks for the response.  I don't have RSLinx installed on this machine, my Rockwell stuff is on my Windows 10 machine.  I did double check, though, my Com1 is free and verified via Device Manager that Com1 is the correct port(only COM port on the machine) I also tried the Serial Communication Utility that came bundled with Proficy to try different Baud/Polarity/Stop Bit combinations and still no comms.  I tried both 'Series 90 SNP' and 'S90-30 SNP-X' modes. I know my cable worked in the past, I've used it on 90-30s before.  Though, this is the oldest model I've tried communication with.
  8. old software needed

    Proficy does not include Logicmaster (at least my ver6.0 CD doesn't, maybe older versions did).  But it was bundled with VersaPro.  I used to have a copy of LM90 but don't know what I did with it, I need a copy myself.
  9. Series 90-30 CPU311T With Proficy ME

    We have an old press using a Series 90-30 with a 311 CPU 5 Slot Rack.  I am trying to pull the program off so we can convert it to a new CompactLogix.  I am using Proficy ME v6.0.  I have the proper RS232-485 cable and a built in serial port on my XP laptop but cannot get it to connect.  I know that Logicmaster projects cannot be opened by Proficy ME and being such an old 90-30 it probably was programmed using Logicmaster.  Would being programmed by Logicmaster prevent me from even being able to communicate via serial connection?