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    Dear Gambit ,  Many thanks i will follow your suggestion.   Is possible also do a backup from the profibus ?   Regards

    Hello ,  I dont have experience with Mitsubishi PLC.  I want to do a modification on the ethernet configuration but i dont have the source code .  According the information that i read we can use GX IEC developer or GX developer but my question are :  Can i upload and download the program with GX developer?  Even if was previous developed with GX IEC Developer i will not do any change on the code only on ethernet configurations , add a MC communication. I have another concern about the profibus module. For the profibus is necessary another program right ? But if i don't want do any modification on the profibus is dont need it, right?  My experience on Siemens when is necessary do a modification on the hardware configuration. I should have all the hadware configuration " right"  it means if i have profibus i should have the right GSD to allow do modification on the configuration .  But on Mitsubish i can´t understand that well . Regards  Roberto Fonte  

    Hi,  I already found the problem and solution :) . The problem i was mixing the ascii code with the hex , is better do it in ascii code and send it . Regards  
  4. Hi Mark ,

    I hope you are fine , please can you send me your excel file for Melsec protocol , i try to develop the 3E frame but without any sucess . 


    If you can take a look on the post . Regards






    Hello ,  Some one already trie to develped the 3E frame .  I start been crazy :) . What I understand from this model, i should use the 3E frame because i'm using the built-in ethernet port in the CPU module .  I want to do a samll example to read the PLC model but without any sucess , please anyone can give me some ideias . Attached follow some print's from the configuration and message.   Regards