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  1. Good day  This is the first time i am downloading to an GOT2000 (GT2508 640x480) panel. I am having trouble connecting to it to download the BOOTOS file to the HMI so that i can download the project to it. Can someone please assist me .  * DO i need to Power off  the screen and back on with my finger in one of the corners ? I keep getting a warning if i do this * If i go to communications and then try to write to GOT and select BOOTOS it gives me error    Not sure how to go forward. I have made sure on my device manager that my USB cable drivers is installed.  Thank you in advance 
  2. Hi Michael   With regards to the above , i copied and paste the aoi, gave it another name. But for some reason it gives me a error when i verify the rung in the main programm structure in my Control_belts Function . It says the following  Error: Rung 1, Belt1, Operand 0: Invalid data type. Argument must match parameter data type.   Not sure what this mean , i tried to change parameters and names but i still have this ? Any idea what this can be ?   Could it be that i did not Call it in the main routine Block ?   Regards 
  3. Michael  Thank you very very much . Your experience is well deserved    Regards 
  4. Hi Michael    Thank you for the reply. I am with you with regards to a different processor. Could i do this on the same processor as the rest ?    
  5. Good Day  I need some expert Advice. I  have a Add on instruction in my software for Belt control. So lets say we have 10 conveyor belts that work the same , i use this function block to program all of them just with different names and parameters    Now one one of the belts needs an extra button for confirmation of starting.    Now my Big question is : CAN i copy that Add on instruction and just edit the program rename it and use it as a different function block ? Or will the parameters that is in the one that is copied  conflict with the original add on instruction ?  What would be the easiest way ?
  6. Thank you all for the reply's 
  7. Good day    Can some one tell me , i have a compact logic PLC L36ERM, How can i monitor it online by following the contacts while this add on instruction is in operation ? WHen ever i am online and want to monitor it its greyed out and i cant do changes ? This means i have to go off line and do a complete download after changes    Am i doing something wrong ?   Regards 
  8. Good day  Every time my Laptop switches off because of battery or go into sleep mode , when my GX work 2 project is open, i have this message saying  selected project contains a unsupported POU file. it cannot open projects with IL POu's with this version of GX works 2 . Then i have to reinstall rthe software and update it but still gives me this error.    Can someone please help me so that i dont need to reinstall the software every time ? or maybe someone has experienced the same before ?   Thanks 
  9. Online verify with offline GX works 2

    Hi wzrdstrm   Thank you for this. This works great . Thanks    Regards 
  10. Hi    I am busy to commission a project that i took over from someone. How do i go about to make sure that the offline project i have open on my computer is the same as the online program that is currently in the plc with GX works 2 software  your help will be greatly apreciated  Thanks 
  11. Hi B—Carlton   i am new here and new to rslogix 500 and FactoryTalkview   i am stuck at where you say HMI-tags -edit tags ....when I go to the tags it does not allow me to right click and select edit tags , it only allows me on the tags file it self to select open . And when I open there is no way I can add a new file for the tag . Could you help me here to get the tags from my plc offline    thanks