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  1. Good day  Every time my Laptop switches off because of battery or go into sleep mode , when my GX work 2 project is open, i have this message saying  selected project contains a unsupported POU file. it cannot open projects with IL POu's with this version of GX works 2 . Then i have to reinstall rthe software and update it but still gives me this error.    Can someone please help me so that i dont need to reinstall the software every time ? or maybe someone has experienced the same before ?   Thanks 
  2. Online verify with offline GX works 2

    Hi wzrdstrm   Thank you for this. This works great . Thanks    Regards 
  3. Hi    I am busy to commission a project that i took over from someone. How do i go about to make sure that the offline project i have open on my computer is the same as the online program that is currently in the plc with GX works 2 software  your help will be greatly apreciated  Thanks 
  4. FTV machine edition using an .RSS file

    Hi B—Carlton   i am new here and new to rslogix 500 and FactoryTalkview   i am stuck at where you say HMI-tags -edit tags ....when I go to the tags it does not allow me to right click and select edit tags , it only allows me on the tags file it self to select open . And when I open there is no way I can add a new file for the tag . Could you help me here to get the tags from my plc offline    thanks