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  1. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    Triee, I did not have any problems installing GXWorks2 the problem was installing GX Developer from the same CD.  I did go to Mitsubishi web site and download the newest version with no luck either.  The only time it installed was when I put windows 10 in safe mode after that it installed no problem.
  2. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    Civet It took a act of congress but they finally put my PC in safe mode and it installed. Thanks so much Brian
  3. hmi weintek and plc mitsubishi

    I've posted what I think you are looking for in a excel document.  Hope it helps PLC Example.xlsx
  4. Help Installing GX Developer on Windows 10

    Wonderful story.. LOL The company I work for has had several attacks on their data and has spent a lot of money to ensure it does not happen again.  So yes I was forced to upgrade. That was not the worst part they wiped the entire hard drive so I have to reinstall all software. I have checked with Mits to confirm the version I have is compatible with Win10 so I'm sure its some kind of virus scan or something like a .NET software that needs installing.  I've installed GX Works and GTWin with no problem its just the GX Developer that's giving me problems.  Its not super important that I install it since all my PLCs work with GXwork2.  I just did not want to spend all that time converting my programs over.  We are talking about 5 or 6 hundred programs. I will try to get the IT department to let me boot up in safe mode and try installing that way.  I'll keep you posted if it works.   Brian
  5. Hello all,  I'm new to this site and kind of new to PLC programming. I have been forced to upgrade to windows 10 and I can not get GX Developer to install.  The application begins to install then it just stops for no reason. I have uploaded the latest version from the Mitsubishi web site. (Version 8.503Z)  I watched a video that said you have to install ENVMEL and obviously I tried.  It did install but still same results I also read thru the Tech Doc FA-A-0207 referencing windows 10 install but nothing in it about the software not installing   Thanks Brian