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  1. L Series PLC/LJ71E71-100/ Modbus TCP

    Morning Gambit, The example shows connection via SLMP instead of Modbus TCP. I am confused with the difference i need to make to the example program. Cheers,
  2. Hi, I am using a L-Series PLC with a Ethernet Card (LJ71E71-100). I need to add communication in a simple project between this L-Series PLC and a Rexroth Tightening System (CS351). The Tightening Ssytem has a Modbus Network Card which is configured for a known ip address.  My difficulty is setting up the PLC to communicate with the external device. As reference i have been using  No SH081105ENG-222 manual Section 11. I have been attempting to setup a predefined protocol, however i am confused by the example program shown in sectrion 11.5.3. Any advise or help with this would be massively appreciated.