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  1. S7-300 SF Fault

    I have a problem with a PLC rack. The rack contains various DI and DO cards, AI cards, AO cards, and a AI/AO combo card. There is 1 processor and 3 IM modules. The processor is in stop and will not run. There are SF lights lit on all 4 of the AI cards, bot only those. All digital, combo, and AO cards are OK. Anyone have any quick thoughts?
  2. Siemens S5 100U with IP266 card

    I have spent several hours on Siemens and other sites and search engines researching this. Nothing I find answers the questions I posed in my request above. I posted it here hoping someone here could answer the questions. I have lots of Siemens experience, but nada on this card. Again, if anyone can help with the questions, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Siemens S5 100U with IP266 card

    I have a customer with an IP266 card problem. The card faults and I have determined the problem is in the card. The customer has a spare, but they do not know where it came from, and it doesn't have a program in it. They also have another machine that contains a good working card. How can I copy the program from the good card to the other unit to see if it works? I have the com266 software (in German), the cable and can communicate with the card. My concern is lack of documentation and I am afraid I will inadvertently kill the program in the good card while I am trying to work on it. Can anyone help me? I simply need coaching from someone that has used the software and to find out if pulling the program from a good unit is possible.
  4. Is this possible?

    This is a slc500 5/05, not a plc5. The partial dl thing would be perfect, but it is rslogix 500 I am using.

    ...as have these guys. They are part of a large corporation that has decided anything is class 1, <50 is class 2, etc. As you said...overboard. My question only concerns the splitter for my PLC. They have already called in consultants that have decided the classes for them. I need a splitter that uses the RJ45 connections.

    I also have a customer that is prepping for AC FLASH compliance. They are installing interfaces for PLC connection on the outside of the cabs. They have only today, involved me in the process. They have purchased 1747-UIC w/ C13 cables and a cabinet mount jack for connection. The problem is, on two machines with SLC 5/01's, the DH485 (RJ45) jack is already used by an AutomationDirect EZ Touch panel. My question is, does AB make a "splitter" (for lack of a better word) for this situation, so I can be connected to the PLC while the HMI remains connected, all via the RJ45 DH485 jack?
  7. Is this possible?

    I have a situation where I need to be able to go in and download a program into a SLC5/05 PLC without modifying 1 particular data table. This table is constantly modded by the program, and I want to know if there is anywhere I can copy the data (during the regular scanning) that will not be affected or overwritten when someone plugs in and downloads a modification to the PLC thru the ethernet line?

    Ron, I am looking to go "live" next Tuesday or (at the latest) Wednesday. Using sheet fed paper (std laser printer), and I have not discounted using the existing computer. Looks like they are using some VB code and a database. The ops are allowed to go back and reprint, if needed. They also have to maintain a database of the batches (for ISO / QS compliance), (this is all stuff I've discovered this morning), and the job will just go a lot smoother if I can reuse the old external hardware. With that being said, it looks like some kind of proprietary database, or one I've never seen, at least. Since the old hardware has been taken down (and I don't want to mess with trying to get it back up), how do you suggest I approach finding out how the data needs to be formatted? I have an old batch sheet, but it only shows me the ingredients in that run, not the serial data format I need from the PLC. Any suggestions?
  9. I am in the middle of a project, and the proverbial kink just got thrown in on me. I am replacing an existing weight batching system with a PLC and a weighing module for the slc series. All seems ok, but I just was just informed that the boss is expecting the system to print batch sheets that are at least similar to the ones that the old velcon system printed out, using a serial line from the system to a PC and printer. The system has already been torn out, so I can't turn back. But i also can't commission my system until I can print. I have done a lot of things with a SLC, but printing is not one of them. I know you don't need all the details, but for your info, I am running a 7 slot rack, a hardy WS card (for weight), a 32 point DC in, a 32 point DC out, a 2 in 2 out analog v card (to control drive speeds), and the MAC DADDY of all SLC's, the 1747-L553 processor. I am using a 2711-B5A20 Panelview, and an industrial hub to tie it all together with ethernet. I am not using the com port on the PV or the processor. Any help or suggestions with how to print would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am in the process of quoting a job with explosion-proof requirements. I have been able to get everything I needed, except for the alarm/process/run signalling lights and annunciators. I would like to have something similar to a tree (need multi colors and lack space on machines to add multiple lights and a multi sound annunciator. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Automation Riddle

    I know you stated that all the cables were properly shielded and grounded, but I have seen instances where encoder signals STILL had noise on them, and miscounted horribly. Have you looked at the waveforms from the encoder to verify the signals look normal (i.e. 50% duty cycle @ rated voltage, 90 deg phasing between a & b pulses, valid a/ and b/, zero pulse ok (if used), little to no capacitance on signal, little or no noise or spikes, clean square wave, etc.)
  12. PLC Law

    #24 - Always be sure that the rung / ladder / block you are troubleshooting is being scanned BEFORE you make major changes or spend 6 hours troubleshooting it!!! I was actually in a factory troubleshooting a machine while an OEM / Designer was in another part of the building trying to install a new system. He had a prox sensing shaft rotation and counting revolutions that appeared not to be working. As I was walking by, I decided to introduce myself and he asked me "Have you ever seen a GEQ statement that doesn't work (that's greater than or equal to for all you non-AB guys ). I looked at his rung, moved the shaft by hand, the input worked, the counter incremented, but the rung didn't go true once the count was achieved. I looked at his Ladder 2, and, if the machine is in manual, that ladder was not set to scan. Guess what...he was in manual! He was super embarrassed that he had spent 6 hours trying to find the problem, had called the factory (to no avail), had rewritten the code, and even changed cards and rewired. I guess the KISS method also applies to TROUBLESHOOTING!!
  13. connect the Micrologix 1500

    I too have never had the problem, and maybe we're just lucky. The problem arises when you are using a PC (read desktop) that is grounded to the electrical service and the machine (read PLC) happens to be on another service and, therefore, a different bonding point to ground. There is always a possibility that the two grounds can have enough difference in potential that it blows out the comm. Using a laptop (as I do) and not being bonded to ground, there is minimal concern that this will happen.
  14. EEPROM Assistance Needed!

    I have a customer that required a change in the "OEM" S5 PLC code installed in their machine. I made the change, pulled the EEPROM, and let it run in RAM. I am aware of previous problems the customer has had with bat failures. I need to burn the prog to EEPROM, but I do not have access to a prommer. Can anyone out there push me in the correct direction? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Win XP SP2

    I had no problems with RS until XP. Then I had to change to UIC (from PIC) because hardware/XP kept killing any HMI connected on the network. After UIC, no problems...until SP2. I had to disable my firewall, or manual browse, until I used the patch for SP2 from AB. All it contains is firewall config info for the firewall to let comms pass thru. After the patch, things have gone VERY smoothly. Good luck!!