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  1. Hi all

    Im having a issue where i have opened a socket to connect with a igus dryve. I can see the socket open in tag A567. 15 and can send a read telegram and get my data back successfully.. The issue im having is that it always closes the socket after a send/receive.. (triggered simultaneously) i really need this socket to stay open until i physically request it to close.. 

    I will be using all 3 sockets available for 3 differnt dryves.. 

    Any help would be much appreciated.. 

  2. @photovoltaic

    I can successfully connect to my remote node buy using the connect fb.. My issue is when i send and receive a message i lose connection to the socket and cant send and receive any more data until i open the socket again.. There is nothing closing the socket in my program.. If it was onky the one socket i was opening it would be fine but i will be using all 3 sockets available for 3 igus dryves 


  3. On 02/04/2019 at 9:22 PM, dbones said:

    I stumbled upon this post while searching for other information. I thought I would reply in case anyone else is searching for this information. 

    We use the NX1P2 for ModbusTCP all of the time. If you need more information, let me know.

    Have you ever used a omron CP1L to set up modbus tcp i need to configure it to talk to a igus dryve using modbus gateway 


  4. can anyone tell me why when a alarm is raised on my system and acknowledged from pop up window why it records the alarm 3 times on alarm viewer page. I am using alarm viewer in historical mode if a alarm raises once it is registered 3 times on alarm viewer page

  5. On 28/08/2019 at 10:30 PM, Michael Walsh said:

    Write a .csv file onto the SD card and then use FTP to get it off the card.  That is one pretty easy way.  

    Hi Michael, 

    Can you provide more info on how to do this? i have 14 arrays of 18 Dint, every hour data is recorded in these arrays i want to be able to send the data in these arrays at the end of shift before there get blanked


  6. Hi I have a NX102, company I am working for wants production counter data send to them via email at end of every shift. Can anyone assist on how to do this. I am using a hourly index to record data over dayshift and evening shift at end of shifts the data is visible in my array, how can I transfer this array data via email without manually sending a email myself.

    Any help will be much appreciated


    Thank you

  7. If anyone could help, i want to be able to reset a counter on the first of every month, I have extracted date from date and time of day, I just can not find anything to compare the 1st of each month with without physically writing out the 1st of each month in this format 2020-08-01, if I do this I would have to do every month and then every year as well, i want to be able to compare todays date with start of month and reset my counter.

    Any help would be much appreciated 

  8. Does any one have any idea about adding a watch tab page or array to be viewed on Hmi, I have 205 slots of data and instead of going through each slot individually I would like to view it as a whole


  9. Wondering how to write a safey program for ms6-SV- e festo safety dump valve that's has 2 enable signals.. safety program isn't finished so want to get valve to pressurize so I am able to test valves out in the field by forcing then on and checking feedback etc 

    Using sysmac studio  and I'm new to the world of automation