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  1. GT2104-RTBD HMI and FX3GC-MT/D PLC

    No i am not using the said cable yet but it is already for delivery, i'm just trying to find the correct pinout of the FX2GC mini din 8pin port as it seam to be different from standard pinout. Anyway thanks for the input.
  2. GT2104-RTBD HMI and FX3GC-MT/D PLC

     GOT is connected to the PLC via the RS422 (mini din 8). Following the connection i gather standard pinout layout for mini din8: 1. Black (Input Handshake/Ext close) 2. Brown (Output Handshake) 3. Red (Receive Data V-) 4. Orange (Ground) 5. Yellow (Transmit Data V-) 6. Green (Receive Data V+) 7. Blue (No Connection) 8. Violet (Transmit Data V+) basically i connected the the RDA&RDB of HMI to the Receive of PLC and vice versa.
  3. GT2104-RTBD HMI and FX3GC-MT/D PLC

    I have no idea about the non-procedural thing, i just downloaded the program and parameter from the PLC. Channel 1 is the controller setting on the GT Designer 3. 
  4. Hi, Hopefully someone can help me, i have a FX3GC-MT/D PLC originally connected to the GOT1000 HMI using RS422/RS485 connection, we replaced the HMI with GT2104-RTBD GOT2000 series, using the same cable (mini din 8) but then my PLC and HMI isn't communicating. Attached is the screenshot of my HMI communication setting and PLC parameter setting. Im guessing due to communication wire used but i don't have access to the pinout of the PLC. Hoping for some input. Thank you.
  5. GS2107-WTBD HMI Problem

    Hi thanks for the reply, The environment that the panel is located is quite humid but i check the max %RH that the machine can function and it can function upto 90%RH, using a handheld hygrometer, the device only reads 50-60%RH. I also notice that the HMI has no grounding, only the 2 input power, does it has a bearing? My PLC has a proper grounding. Anyway thank you for the input.
  6. GS2107-WTBD HMI Problem

    Hi, i cannot confirm if my HMI is already dead or not. History: Upon machine startup the HMI fail to display anything (black screen), the partner PLC is functioning ok. Supply to the HMI is also good, after few hours of not doing anything the display finally emerge. The HMI runs for about 2days and now its completely not displaying anything. I tried connecting my computer and runs GT designer 3 to check if i can communicate / download the HMI program, unfortunately i got an error communication message which i did not get before when it is completely fine. Green light at the back of the HMI on the 100M is observe to be functioning and random green light flicker under SD/RD. Is my HMI already dead? Inputs are much appreciated, thank you!
  7. Q02HCPU- Unit Verify Error

    Hi you can go to PLC Diagnostic and check what type or number of error it has so that members here can help you. You can also refer to the manual of each module to know what you can do to correct the errors.
  8. Q02H Analog Signal scaling GX Works 2

    Hi already solved, thanks for the replies. The main CPU model is Q02H and the analog module is Q064AD, i did mathematical operations for the scaling that i wanted since no direct scaling instruction is available for gx works 2.
  9. Hi, i'm pretty new to the programming environment of the GX works 2 and i would like to do scaling of my analog signal from Q64AD module. The signal is 4-20mA and the range of i would like to have 0-100PSI, i can't seem to find any scaling on the manual.