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  1. Fast data sampling form PLC to SCADA

    Hello friends and "partners"! I think we have a cheap and high-quality solution problem 1. Find ethercat adapters CREVIS in Russia via Google or Yandex. I can't insert links on this forum, sorry brother 2. On the CREVIS RU website you can find information about the Belarusian EtherCAT driver and EtherCAT Studio There is a universal EtherCAT Master driver for embedding in SCADA and cool hardware from CREVIS  I think 5 ms is not a problem, the question is whether your scada will be able to process the received data, how fast is our input-output
  2. PLC I/O Recommendations

    Since 2020, compact economical models have been added to the CREVIS G-series network adapters for implementing control systems and collecting information with small number of channels.  The updated overview brochure already contains a description G-series_2020_Ru_ver1
  3. B & R Automation - What's the big secret?

    You might like it CREVIS IO new G-series
  4. Remote IO Crevis

    You might like it CREVIS IO new G-series
  5. CC-Link communication between Q PLC and CREVIS network adapter NA-9131

    Probably you need IOGuidePro to configure ST-3702 New and actual CREVIS software can be found on this site: WWW.CREVIS.RU
  6. Comunication PLC S7-1200 Witn NA-9188 Ethernet

    New and actual CREVIS software can be found on this site: WWW.CREVIS.RU

    New and actual CREVIS software can be found on this site: WWW.CREVIS.RU
  8. PLC I/O Recommendations

    CREVIS newer G-series. We use CREVIS to replace WAGO equipment primarily in robots. Approximate table of functional analogs: 750-881    GN-9372    PLC adapter with CoDeSys V3.5 750-333    GN-9222    Network adapter PROFIBUS 750-354    GN-9386    Network adapter EtherCAT 750-306    GN-9212    Network adapter DeviceNet 750-307    GN-9261    Network adapter CANOpen 750-310    GN-9231    Network adapter СС-LINK 750-430    GT-1238    IO module 8DI universal type (Sink or Source), 10RTB 750-1400    GT-123F   IO module  16DI universal type (Sink or Source), IDC20 750-1405    GT-12DF    IO module 16DI universal type (Sink or Source), 18RTB 753-440    GT-1904    IO module 4DI, ~240V, 10RTB 750-536    GT-2318    IO module 8DO, Sink, 24Vdc/0.5A, 10RTB 750-530    GT-2328    IO module 8DO, Source, 24Vdc/0.5A, 10RTB 750-1501    GT-221F    IO module 16DO, Sink, 24Vdc/0.3A, IDC20P 750-1500    GT-222F    IO module 16DO, Source, 24Vdc/0.3A, IDC20P 750-1505    GT-225F    IO module 16DO, Sink, 24Vdc/0.3A, 18RTB 750-1504    GT-226F    IO module 16DO, Source, 24Vdc/0.3A, 18RTB 753-540    GT-2734    IO module 4DO, SSR, =24V/2A, ~240V/2A, 10RTB 750-453    GT-3114    IO module 4AI, 0~20, 4~20mA, 12 Bits, 10RTB 750-468    GT-3424    IO module 4AI, 0~10, 0~5, 1~5Vdc, 12 Bits, 10RTB 750-460    GT-3704    IO module 4AI, RTD, 10RTB 750-451    GT-3708    IO module 8AI TC/RTD, IDC20 750-493    GT-3901    IO module 1ch 3ph ~500V/1A, 10RTB 750-553    GT-4114    IO module 4AO, 0~20mA, 12 Bits, 10RTB 750-559    GT-4424    IO module 4AO, 0~10Vdc, 12 Bits, 10RTB Use the information at your discretion, perhaps it will be useful. The actual link for description files for EtherCAT, Profinet and others: Downloads