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  1. Versamax IC200 Programming Cable

    Greetings Engineers  Does anyone have part numbers for programming cable to connect from a serial port on GE Versamax IC200CPU001 to programming laptop via USB?
  2. Greetings everyone, I have a TIA V16 project in which I set up 7 drives to communicate with an S7 1500 controller via RS485 using USS protocol. The drives are Simatic V20s daisychained to the bus and are properly terminated with resistors. I use the USS DRIVE CONTROL 31 function block for each drive all located in a single FC and all using the same single instance DB as recommended by Siemens. I then call this FC containing the FBs every 120ms from the MAIN OB. I then call the USS PORT SCAN 31 function in a cyclic OB set at 70ms cycle time. In each V20 i use PZD word length of 2 and a PKW of 4. Both setpoint and commands are sent through USS. What I have observed is every time take out incoming power to any one of the VFDs, the rest of them get F72 comms error and fail to communicate with the PLC. Is this behaviour normal? What causes it? I use an RS485/ 422 PtP BA module sending data at 19200bps. Strangely enough it doesn't show any fault even though the diagnostics interupt setting is enabled on it. What I noticed is that as I was setting up the VFDs one by one, the F72 fault on the BOPs only pop up on an already configured drives. So, the VFDs that hadn't been commissioned yet for RS485, but were already physicaly terminated/ connected to the PLC, didn't fault the bus when they were powered down. They only faulted the bus upon switching them off only after RS485 activation (post commissioning).
  3. S71500R/H MRP ring to S7400 DP Master Connection

    Hi. Yes i saw it. In my case i want to interface the S7 400 as DP Master instead of a DP Slave, so the S7 1200 shown on that example would be a DP slave, will it still work? Also is there another PB/ PN gateway I can use apart from the S7 1200 plc?
  4. Hello, does anyone know the best connection method between an S71500R/H profinet MRP ring (2 x S7 1500R controllers in redundant profinet ring) and an S7400 DP Master ?
  5. Greetings I have an HMI in the form of an industrial PC, is ok to use an SC09 programming cable (8 pin DIN mini to USB type) as a permanent means of communicating between the FX3U PLC and industrial PC's USB port?   I am avoiding going through the trouble of buying a DB9 connector type for the PC end due to budget limitation. My CPU also doesn't have an ethernet card, i don't want to buy one either. i have already tested the connection and it works, i just want to understand the drawbacks of communicating via USB instead of ethernet or traditional serial.
  6. Hello folks, does anyone know the maximum number of historical data logging entries (data logs) one can make on a Mistubishi GOT 2000 series HMI before the data is overwritten. USB drive being the ultimate storage device. 
  7. Good Quality Affordable HMI & SCADA

    Thanks, I am looking for something I can get from UK, where I am currently based 
  8. Greetings, I have an FX PLC  and wish to connect to a non mistubishi hmi as well as desktop PC runtime. Any suggestions for affordable but perfect quality SCADA system and HMI brand. I am already avoiding Rockwell panelview and Siemens TP because of the high costs. The HMI should have FX series drivers preloaded.