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  1. Greetings, Panelview Plus has a print screen capability, usb and ethernet. I thought this may be an easy way to print a report without using a PC. Simply create a screen with a report format and issue print screen command. Will this work? on a PV Plus 6, 10" screen, how will this look on a printed sheet? does it format to fit and fill the 8.5 x 11 sheet? Or would it just print a little 640x480 rectangle on the sheet? Anybody tried this? thanks!
  2. "Anthropomorphic" Robot: What does it mean?

    That's new....anthropomorphic should be interpreted as "man shaped" (excuse me, "Human-shaped"), so it is probably articulated like a human arm - shoulder, elbow, writst joints. my guess.
  3. Yamaha Robots

    Used SRCD rotary arm and ERCD Linear arm. If you are using a PLC, then you are communicting ASCII/serial. Rotary requires 230VAC, but linear can be 24VDC. These use resolvers, so power loss requires homing. EM noise can cause communication/resolver faults, which require power cycle fault clearing. configuration can be done using proprietary software, which is inexpensive (or thrown in for free, depending on vendor), or you can spend a little extra time using hyperterminal. Preprogramming can be performed, with Input triggers driving the program, or you can go all serial command. Yamaha is definitely premium priced, probably because the focus is on an integrated multiaxis robot, not just on "arms", which is what i did. You can go PC based control with the PCRX, where you control the robot/arms through an API for Object Orientated Programming. For my applications, which are generally "table-top" based, this was a little too extravagant. The number one issue is that everthing has to come from Japan (cables included), so a Tsunami or the month-long cherry-blossum festival, or whatever it is, will ruin you day if you need something fast.
  4. Looking for the Right Word

    rejuvenate renaissance resurge
  5. Additional Diplomatic snafu?

    Ohh, man, that made me bust out laughing when I read your subject line: Subject --------------------------------------------------------------- Pushbutton Given to Russians Violated OSHA - NFPA79 … and agreed, how could this be "solved"? This may a be more significant FUBAR than obama's gift of un-playable DVD's to British PM Gordon Brown:
  6. As you are probably aware, control design issues have entered the diplomatic arena. Secretary Rodham-Clinton presented the Russian ambassador with a reset button to supposedly "reset" russian-U.S. relations, following the nasty bush years. The media widely reported on the labeling snafu : "overcharged" (peregruzka), vs. "reset" (perezagruzka). However, I have not seen a comment on the choice of button: As you can see here, this is a twist-to-release type button. This seems to be a major danger to U.S - russian relations. If the ambassador presses the overcharged (reset) button, but forgets to twist release it, I fear that our diplomatic relations will forever be in a reset condition, never to progress, never to move forward.
  7. Shakespear and the Monkeys

    In May 2003, some researchers at England's Plymouth University announced they had put the old chimpanzee-typewriter adage to the test. At the Paignton Zoo, they gave a computer to six Sulawesi crested macaques for a month, to see how they would use it. Most of the time the monkeys ignored it, preferring to play with each other and the other toys in the cage, except to sit on the keyboard, urinate and defecate on it; finally one smashed the keyboard with a rock. Only one used it properly, producing five pages of unintelligible text by repeatedly typing the letter "S." -Reuters
  8. Working in Saudi Arabia

    ??? Maybe it's just me....but I would think that you should insist on 6-figures as compensation for the occasional attemps to blow you up or to shoot you...with the main recreational activity as I understand it to be sand golf, using black balls and oil-stained sand as the putting green.
  9. Screen Doesn't Update

    Perhaps the tag is displayed on a "Numeric Input Cursor Point" object and not a "Numeric display" object? I have found that, contrary to help database info, if a numeric input object only has a "value" tag assigned, then that object display may not be updated if the PLC causes the value to change. I have to also assign the same tag (if that tag also serves as a data display) to the "Indicator" connection.
  10. Unable to log into

    Hmm...seems there must be something about Lithuania and India...
  11. McAfee VirusScan eats RSView SE!

    I did find that clicking on ‘vstudio.exe’ directly did launch the studio application. However, it did so after first launching the installer program, which I had to cancel prior to the launching of studio. If the cancel wasn’t immediately hit, then the installer would continue – eventually failing. What seems to work is renaming launcher.exe (to launcherh.exe … h for hide-from-mcafee!) and then renaming each relevant registry instance of launcher.exe to launcherh.exe. Thanks for your help on this!
  12. McAfee VirusScan eats RSView SE!

    Interesting discovery…RSView Studio SE uses an unfortunately named "launcher.exe" file. However, McAfee's virusscan console considers such a filename a violation of its Unwanted Program Policy and deletes it whenever it has a chance. Of course, with my company-managed computer, the automatic virus scan updates overwrite my console configuration that removed this file from the bad list. Waiting for IT……………………
  13. Cannot Register Devicenet Device

    Ahh, yes...there is that checkbox which is by default checked which requires a new scanlist item to match hardware properties such as rev number. Always an annoyance and always something I uncheck before adding to the scanlist. I can see the motivation of preventing someone from replacing one piece of equipment with another piece of equipment with the same DNet address, but this version number mismatch thing always is a pain - especially if I forget to uncheck this requirement and a customer replaces some damaged hardware such as a VFD with Identical hardware but with some minor firmware difference. (Been a few years since I worked with that hardware property match requirement still the default condition?)
  14. How about: Ottoman Engineering: We can conquer your most byzantine projects! .....Ok....nevermind. Turkey Turnkey.
  15. AB DeviceNet minor recoverable fault

    The comms Control logix modules require a flash update, which you can get from the rockwellsoftware website. They are all shipped with non-functional firmware, for some strange reason-- that would explain the flashing red led for module. The flashing green for the network is good, since it indicates that a proper network exists, though scanlist items do not exist as indicated by the flashing. Make sure the firmware update matches your version of software - vitally important!!!