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  1. Stopping Servo Motor

    Thank you all so much!  The samples in the instruction manual really helped!  I have yet to use function blocks, but perhaps down the road I will.
  2. Stopping Servo Motor

    Hello, I would first like to express that I am new to programming PLC's and most of my experience has come from troubleshooting existing programs, so my knowledge is very limited.  Which is why I joined this forum. A little background on my project: I am upgrading the controls of an existing machine that feeds, strips and cuts wire material.  I have replaced the old AC Induction Motor with a Mitsubishi HG-KR73K Servo Motor, so I can gain positioning accuracy.  I have an FX5U-32MR/ES PLC, FX5-40SSC-S Motion Controller & GS2107-WTBD HMI.  I decided to use the Step Ladder programming method, since the machine operates automatically.  I was able to successfully program the Servo Motor, so it would motion the material to specific positions. The issue I am running into is trying to stop the Servo Motor motion during a fault or when selecting the "Auto Stop" button I added to the HMI.  If I touch the "Auto Stop" push button or if the machine runs into a fault in the middle of the servo motion, the servo will motion until it reaches its position, then the machine stops.  This makes sense to me, but I assume there must be a command to stop the servo motor on the spot?  I can't seem to find this "Stop Servo Motion" command. Please advise. Thanks, FlexKook