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  1. I need to design ladder logic for 8 station turret control. I have to use FX3U module. Any help and sample ladder logic? No answer yet · Last followed 13h ag
  2. Can you please send me link for Mistsubishi FA web site?
  3. Thanks for sharing this manual. I already study it, now i need some practicle examples with PLC coding relavent to servo motor. So i can under how to make logic and how to use. Which make me able to understand algorithm and design PLC program for practilce application. 
  4. Greetings! Respected Members, i recently join industrial job as an automation engineer. My experience about PLC is limited. Here i have to design program for mitsubishi PLC to control servo motor, such as: flow control of two axis positioner. Can you please provide programming of some practical examples, which help me to learn how to control. Your kind advice and help in this regard highly appreciated. Best Regards;
  5. Control requirements! The feet are two, each foot controls one axis, the left foot is x-axis. The right foot is y-axis. step on motor to perform the rotation loosening and stop immediately. The speed of each pedal is adjustable.   does any one help me in this small project? 
  6. Thanks dear. I hope it will helpful for me.
  7. I am a freshman for Mitsubishi PLC programming. I am interested to learn servo motor control by Mitsubishi PLC. Can anyone help me by providing material relevant to this topic?  I will be very grateful for your kind help.