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  1. s7 300 AND WINCC flex

    Hello guys, Hardware :             Laptop  with step7, WINCCFLEX  ip             CPU 315  IP             3x 8 input modules             3x 8 output modules            program in OB1 :  NO CONTAT I0.0 -> COIL Q0.0 I want to create a GUI in WINCCFlex  that contains a "start" button that when it's pressed to trigger i0.0 so I can turn on coil Q0.0 via laptop not a mechanical button. So far I created a new empty project in wincc flex. Than  I went to connections and selected Ethernet ,for wincc runtime I ve put and for station Than PROJECT -> INTEGRATE IN STEP 7 all good. Now in winccflex under button events I chosed  "click" and action " setbit" and selected i0.0 from step 7 project. COMPILE AND GENERATE everything but when I click button nothing happens :(?   Any help will be much appreciated! thanks
  2. SIEMENS S7 200

    IF  there is any other way I would like to see it . makes me learn ! thanks !!!
  3. SIEMENS S7 200

  4. SIEMENS S7 200

    so many gurus around?
  5. SIEMENS S7 200

    I can't find any timer to work until reset even if input is not ON anymore... this is what i'm missing .... I think
  6. SIEMENS S7 200

    Oh I went through all that ... is not only timers ... it must be something with Set and Reset aswell ... but I just can't find the logic for it .... 
  7. SIEMENS S7 200

    Hello all. I m new with PLCs , just started learning them and I'm trying to create a small program in Lad Micro WIN. For some of you guys might be very easy. Below I'll try to explain  Button connected to I0.0 Buzzer connected to Q0.0   When button is pressed buzzer beeps for 3 seconds. So far so good ... but what I'm struggling is : If I press the button again before the buzzer stops beeping I want the buzzer to continue beeping for 3 seconds again starting with the time I pressed the button 2nd time. I could do this in any other programing language in less than 10 seconds but because I don't have experience with all MICRO win components there I feel like I'm missing something always .. or there must be another easy way of doing it (after me loading 10 networks to blink a led :)))   ).    CPU 224   Thanks a lot !