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  1. FT View ME Datalog

    Hi Ken, You are right, only 1 Datalog model can run at 1 time with FT ME. Thanks.  
  2. FT View ME Datalog

    Hi Guys, Anyone knows is it possible to run more than 1 datalog in FT View ME? And How? So far i in manual tells to switch from 1 to the other datalog. I need to run 5 datalog together. Thanks  
  3. Address indexing

    Hi michael, Understood..thank u.
  4. Address indexing

    Hi Guys, What is with this addressing here? DM3000[D522]? it in attachment. Is this indexing address? Appreciate somebody can explain to me. Thanks. DM.bmp
  5. Set Bit

    Hi Crossbow, can you be more specific. Is it the parameter tab I attached here? Tq Mitsubishi PLC parameter.bmp
  6. Set Bit

    In Mitsubishi Q series, if a bit M5 is set, is it will reset again if I OFF and ON again the PLC? Sorry, but i got no Mitsubishi plc to test it with me. Thanks
  7. Q02H cpu online thru USB

    Thanks Guy for the help and once I install the driver for Mitsubishi Easysocket driver and the driver at C:\Melsec\Easysocket\Usb driver. Azad dsc
  8. Q02H cpu online thru USB

    Hi Guys, A short question. To go online with Q02H cpu, can we use normal usb cable to the onboard cpu port? I have try and it is not successful. Is it something to do with Transfer Setup at GX Developer? Thanks Azad
  9. Profibus: GX Configurator DP

    Hi Gambit, Thanks for your guide. I add another slaves and it work well. Previously i a m using S7 ET200M as a slave and now add to IT2000P weigher, MINC99 weigher and Lenze drive. All the slaves are OK except ET200M. I use GX Configurator ver 7.03D now and attached is the diagnostic of the slave. Azad dsc. GXConfigurator.bmp Project file.zip
  10. Profibus: GX Configurator DP

    Panic, Thanks for your checklist and i will go thru on it. Azad dsc
  11. Hi All, First, I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Second, i try to establish Q02H with QJ71PB92V and this Profibus module to be linked with one Siemens ET200M Profibus module. I make GX Configurator file (use ver 7.02C) and download to the Q02H CPU and also a simple program using GX Developer 8.30G. At the moment, i have RSP-ERR light ON at QJ71PB92V module and with alarm fault code F120. I change already ET200M module and cable and Profibus plugs but still same problem exist. The BF light at ET200M is Flashing. Attached is program file and GX Configurator DP file. Welcomed everyone to have a look and let me know if i did any wrong setting. Best regard Azad dsc Test271211.zip New Folder.zip
  12. FIFO Instruction of RS Logix5000

    Hello, Thanks for your FIFO basic example. For your info, I need to perform a program to convey a product from a sailo to 4 different hopper.Only 1 hopper could be filling at 1 time.The conveying process will start automatically when the operator push the START button on Control panel.The conveying request will only happen if any of the 4 hopper give a low level signal to PLC(Compact Logix L32-E). My question is,how to perform a selection where the conveying request will only occur based on FIFO selection? This mean the PLC will only scan the 1st earliest bit which given by any of the 4 hopper.I use RS Logix 5000 software for this programming method. Is there possible for me to use the FIFO instruction? Thank you.
  13. Hello guys, I'm new bie of RSLogix 5000. Could anyone know how to use FIFO instruction during application?Plz provide me any block/instruction of FIFO. Thank you.
  14. A2C CPU Manual

    Hi Gentlemen, I am searching a manual for A2C CPU series. Anybody can give me a link to it? Currently i am having A2CCPUR21 cpu. and need to do some modification. Thanks Dsc
  15. FX80-MT CPU

    OK Guys, Thank you.