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  1. Beckhoff TC3

    Very cool!
  2. TwinCAT 3.1 Sony Camera Control

    New to the forum here, but have been a lurker for awhile.  I've been using TwinCAT 2 and 3 for several years now, and I'm pretty familiar with using them for most applications in my world.  I'm working on a personal project right now where I want to achieve wireless control of a Sony Camera.  Sony has developed an API that allows this through usage of HTTP POST with JSON.  I'll admit this is totally outside my wheel house and I'm uncertain on the best way to achieve this through TwinCAT 3.1. Beckhoff is developing a library currently, but that won't be released until the last quarter of this year.  Sony shows sample code but its for Smartphone OS platforms.  I'm wondering if I can integrate a Python project into Visual Studio somehow and then link my data structures some how?   For those that are curious the control of the camera is for syncing my photos to a stepping linear motion. I'm using a Beckhoff EL7211 servo setup to run a Festo linear slide.  The camera will be mounted to the slide and I plan to use it mainly for moving time lapse photography.  I'm lucky that we had this hardware just laying around work :).   Video of slide system Sony API Beckhoff library