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  1. I have a Modicon NOM0200 unit connected to an access switch to send commands to various rs-232 devices. The Access switch requires a "disconnect string" to end communication with a particular port. The disconnect string is "CRTL+D", how can I send a "CRTL" keystroke from the NOM0200 unit? I know for carriage return it is "$R" is their a similar combination I can enter for "CTRL"?  
  2. Derived FB Calculation

    When you mention the watch tables, do you mean the animation table? I tried using an animation table but because the function blocks outputs are not variables I cannot include them in the animation table. The order of operations is correct.
  3. Hello Everyone,  I am working with an existing project trying to improve the system. I have a Derviced FB Type called NAI_CALC and I cannot seem to reproduce the calculation correctly. The input variable is named UVT and based on live PLC data the value is about 74. The output variable is named NAI and based on live PLC data the value is about 6800. When I do the calculation by hand I am getting about 3700000000. I have included the actual calculation screenshot below. Is there a way to see the output of each calculation block in realtime to confirm my calculations by hand?