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  1. @Gambit  You understand correctly, the PLC needs to send data to a PC when a button is pressed (likely just a binary number and placed in an excel sheet). So then what is the command to open a port on the PLC send the data to a PC? What I'm imagining at the most basic level is a MOV[ D1 ____ ] where the blank is the ethernet port on the PLC, and D1 holds my binary number. What would that blank be? How does the protocol stuff play into this? Where does the data go once on the PC? How can I then get that data into an excel sheet? Then from there the PC program I write can pull the binary number from the excel sheet and use it to pull up my corresponding files with another program. I'm using a Q-series Mitsubishi PLC, not sure on exact model I'll have yet but it will have ethernet.
  2. So I need to find a way for a Mitsubishi PLC to communicate with a PC - ideally sending a binary number through ethernet to a PC program that reads it and tells the PC which files to open. I think I can create the PC program with C++ or Visual Basic without too much struggle. But I am unsure of how to get that binary ID from the PLC and into the PC program. I have done a little bit of research on MX Component and MX Sheet, and also MC Protocol but all seem a bit outdated and/or just over my head and I need some better explanation - I'm pretty new to PLC and programming. I feel like it shouldn't be terribly difficult to get 1 external binary number into a PC program. I'm sure someone has done essentially the same transfer and I just want some ideas. -What kind of connection support do I need to transfer data (Likely just a D-bit) from a PLC to PC? -How would that/those bit(s) be accessed in Visual Basic or C++? I'm assuming some type of library function that will call the value