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  1. Wittenstein TPM+ Servo Motor

    Dear All, We plan to use TPM+ servo motor to replace our MPG series servo motor. We use Kinetix 6000 with Version 16 RSLogix 5000. We can't motor cat no on RSLogix 5000 axis properties (under Drive/Motor Tab). How to add the new motor cat no to RSLogix 5000? or If need new addson profile for TPM+, where to get it? Thank you James
  2. Machine Position using Incremental Encoder

    We used 1769_L35E processor.
  3. Hi... I want to measure machine position using 2000 PPR inc encoder that connect to 1769-HSC module. How to configure the 1769-HSC to read the machine position? Thank you for help... James
  4. Thanks for reply. Its mean that connection between compactlogix and A2ACPU are using 1761-NET-AIC converter? I just download the modbus code from AB website, how to configure the mitsubishi input/output register? Thanks. Regards, James
  5. Hi.. I want to read and write some data from/to Mitsubishi A2A CPU using RS232 port on cpu and connect to CompactLogix DF1 port, it is possible? If yes, could I use messaging command (MSG write and Read) from compactlogix or using asccii write and read command? Any idea? Thanks. James
  6. Hi... I want to read and write some register to 3 unit of mentor dc drive (using MD29) and 1 unit of powerflex40. I use controllogix with prosoft modbus rtu master (MVI56MCM). The parameter that I want to control is: Prosoft MCM: Application Port 1, Modbus RTU Master Mentor II: Node 10, 11, 12 Speed ref :1.17 (register 40117) Speed feedback 3.03 (register 40303) Torque demand 4.08 (register 40408) Current feedback 5.01 (register 40501) Run forward 8.34 (register 40834) Powerflex40: Node 14 Register 8192, 8193, 8448, 8449, 8451. I used RSlogix5000 version 16 and use ladder logix that came with prosoft disk. How to setup prosoft module for above setup? I need help from this forum. Thank you for suggestion or solution for above setup. James
  7. I want to connect the Allen Bradleyt Controllogix to Siemens S-5 using interbus protocol. The Siemens S-5 connected to Phoenix Contact I/O System using interbus. We want to read the data from S-5 processor. could I use SST-IBS-CLX-RLL module? Thank you for any suggestion or comment. James
  8. I used Integrator instruction on Compactlogix, how to define integrator gain? Any relation with scan time? I put the integrator instruction on peridic task with priority 7, rate 20 mS. Thank you. James
  9. We have dry laminator machine with running speed is 130 MPM. The web matirial is plastic with 12 to 70 micron thickness. The full roll diameter is 750mm and core is 92 mm> My calculation is run the gv3000 on torque mode and the torque will reduce on diameter decrease. The core speed will crease as diameter decrease.
  10. Hi... I have winder application using controllogix and GV-3000. I want to control the torque of unwinder. The line speed 120 mpm, torque reference to GV-3000 using analog signal (0-10 VDC). How to calculate the amount of torque? Thanks. James
  11. RIO Flex I/O application

    For our application, we use two units of 1794-ASB c/w I/O and RIO standard Panelview 1000. How to setup the block transfer on controllogix? Thanks. James
  12. Ultra3000 Error Code

    Thanks for helpful information. James
  13. Ultra3000 Error Code

    Hi... We use Ultra3000 servo drive with servo motor MPL-B580F-S with high resolution encoder feedback. After run for one month, we found the error with E20 and E30 on the ultra3000. We cek the encoder cable and connection and its ok. How to solve this problem? Thanks. James
  14. Hi... I use 2711-K6C2 Panelview with micrologix 1500 LRP series C processor. What type of cable that to use to connect panelview directly to micrologix (ch0 or ch1?) Any idea or suggestion? Thanks. James
  15. 1769-L35E Messaging to SLC-5/04

    Thank for reply and helpfull information. I try to change the path to 2,1 and it works fine. James