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  1. I have Mitsubishi FX5UC PLC and Mazak  with Mitsubishi CNC  FCU8-MUO43-Y01 with  FCU8-EX562 extension. I want to communicate via EthernetIP. The problem is that I cannot find .eds file for FCU8-EX562 module. Has someone experience with Mitsubishi NC controllers communication?  
  2. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    Ok, but I need to do Ethernet IP communication. I want to learn how to configure it.
  3. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    I have two FX5 PLCs and I want to communicate using FX5-ENET/IP modules.  First PLC1 Eth/IP module IP: Second PLC2 Eth/IP module IP: I downloaded configurations using FX5-ENET/IP config1.png and config2.png   On both modules MS LED is green. I have also installed FX5-ENET/IP blocks - fbenetip.png. Now I want to create simple program to set boolean in PLC1 and read it in PLC2. There is function in PLC1: M_FX5ENETIP_Class1GetInputData_00A_2(i_bEN:= TRUE ,i_stModule:= FX5ENETIP_1 ,i_uConnectionNo:= 1 , o_uInputData=> D1000); And function in PLC2: M_FX5ENETIP_Class1SetOutputData_00A_1(i_bEN:= TRUE ,i_stModule:= FX5ENETIP_1 ,i_uConnectionNo:= 1 ,i_uOutputData:= D1000); 1. When I set D1000 to 1 in PLC2 it does not appear on PLC1. What am I missing? Error in U1\G6262 is H010F so TCP/IP error 2. What should I put as i_uConnectionNo? Should I set something in ExternalDevice configuration? 3. How should I set which bits are exchanged? Sorry for questions but I am a Siemens guy. Everything in Siemens is simple. You drag and drop module define memory area which is exchanged and then use addresses from that area in the program.  
  4. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    What is the workflow to communicate 2 devices? 1. I have added FX5-ENET/IP as described 2. I have configured Network in Ethernet IP Configuration tool (be adding eds files)   What to do next? How could I check bits mapping?  Has anyone a good step by step tutorial about Eth/IP communication configuration?