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  1. 90 30 CPU350 serial connection

    Yes, sorry should have specified it's a rs232 to rs485 cable. I will check on rslinks using the port, thanks!
  2. 90 30 CPU350 serial connection

    No converter, I have a serial port build into laptop, so a straight cable from PC to power supply. Port settings are as you described  
  3. 90 30 CPU350 serial connection

    ok running into a issue here, so we were able to communicate with the processor to download a program. transfer went fine. upon cycling power, we can no longer connect to processor. we used LM90 for the software. i've tried removing the battery and shorting out the "mem clear" points on the board, however we can no longer communicate with the CPU. we have a POWER and OK light solid on the power supply. kinda stumped here if anyone has any insight.