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  1. hello everyone.Please help.I have a program for the machine written on protool and Strp7, When I want to open it to add changes to it, it gives me the erroropen object 734:26 OM TD/OP: simatic-op is on a write-protected medium.please tell me, How can I overcome this problem?"Unexpected file format" Attached images.Thank you for your help
  2. siemens

    hello everyone Please help I have a program for the machine written on protool and Step 7, I wanted to open it to add an edit to it. Unfortunately, I don't have information about version of Protool is my HMI panel developped in. Can I know it through the control panel? I instal protool v6 SP3 and Step 7 v5.3 on Windows XP Prof SP2, when open backup from PLC I have two panels Show them a sign protool, but when I try  to open an application created on this version  appears indicating a mistake "Error on converting OID 5 == OID_POB_CTDRIVER_MANAGER. Please contact the manufacturer." "Unexpected file format" Atached images. I tried to convert the backup from Protool to winCC flexible, but I have not yet found the appropriate version winCC flexible,
  3. I have tried installing it on several versions of Windows 7/XP/ 200/ 98. but unfortunately unfortunately every time it gives the same error.
  4. Hello. Please tell me, I have a device that works schneider TSX P57203 SCADA Works on a program Monitor Pro Schneider Electric, But the program Monitor Pro  has recently appeared on some problems And it does not work well, I wanted to reinstall the program Monitor Pro and change some of the controls on the control screen SCADA, but I could not install the program despite all attempts. please help.