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  1. Thank you all for all the answers. Still I ended up rebuilding the whole system with an Arduino Mega in C++. Yes the safety functions are hardwired! I want to say thank you to Angeraer for the hostlink calculations. Here is a video of the result: Regards Johan
  2. Omron HostLink + Raspberry Pi

    Thank you Andy! This was the perfect solution for another project by me. It was really helpful to get the the setup and checksum calculations working. I could save a expensive machine from being scrapped. Here is a video of the result: Best regards Johan
  3. Thank you, that actually sounds like the true answer to the problem. So simple. I would really like to try it. Unfortunately I had to rebuilt the whole system with an Atmel microcontroller.
  4. I finally found my answers, so I´ll write them down if another newbie is searching.  instead of calling them IR00201 its IR002.01... thats the reason which why I didnt get it. See this Omron C-series document. some outputs on C40H are labeled 200, 201... until 303 that would be 2.00, 2.01... until 3.03 in the ladder diagram coil output for example  -------O------- so if you look here in the memory, If you right klick on the memory icon in CX-programmer and choose to view with binary setting. You can see this outputs bits in green. One for each output. The inputs logical system works about the same. some inputs on C40H are labeled 002, 003... until 015 that would be 0.02, 0.03... until 0.15 in the ladder diagram connector input for example -------I I------ Same logic with inputs here in red Of topic but good to know, is that the physical relay outputs is just a closed contact between the close COM and the 'output 201-303 or whatever you use.  The inputs are controlled by putting a voltage across a COM with -     and 002-107 with +    Input voltage is rated at 24v but less voltage works, if its not way too low.  
  5. Latest Info: Apparently the displaypanel is an TERM402. I tried the program with another C40H, new cable and panel. Same problem.  I noted that only when the panel is connected, the RUN light turns off. I even connected the panel with a new program, just to see what happens. the program only look simple like this and dont involve any panel config: -----I I-------------------------------------------O------------- And same tning happens. PLC stops RUN mode, and display only shows "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" So some setup or program information is missing in this program   autocutter_repaired.cxp
  6. Thanks!  I´m trying to find out if there is any missing settings in the C40H memory, which isn´t tied to the program code. Because I did a program backup with CX-programmer one week ago, the display was working then. Wiped all the PLC memory, put back exact the same verified program, and the display stopped working with the C40H after that.  Do you have any idea or tip?   
  7. Thank you! I will check that out
  8. That sounds very interesting! I will have a look in the program. Just a thought: Do I have to set up the communication type in cx somewhere to make the Sysmac use hostlink on the rs232 port? 
  9. Here is an example. How do I find out which plc input or output I am dealing with, in the ladder diagram? PLC is an Omron sysmac C40H Thank you!
  10. Hi! Thank you for the tip! Im a bit new to this, I have been looking in this file but Im not shure how that instruction would look. If I understand the system correct, there should be a rung that write some data in an adress, And that adress is only used for the internal rs232 interface. Which is then read and sent to the panel via the rs232 interface? the CX file is attached if you want to have a look. You will problably see it right away. autocutter_repaired.cxp
  11. Hi! Thanks! This is the most informative manual i have seen so far!
  12. Hi!  Thank you! It is an old Omron sysmac c40h
  13. Hi!  Im used to C and C++ but ladder system is new to me. When I look at a ladder diagram If i want to use an output or input that is for example the adress IR 0012, how is that presented in the ladder diagram? I can se a value, for example 53.11 or something like that in an existing program. I read a couple of manuals, searched internet, but I dont get it. How do I know which real adress it is referred to?   Thanks!    
  14. Hi there! I had to replace memory in a sysmac C40H  I also have a RS232 panel connected. It all worked together before memory change. I have upploaded the program again with CX-programmer. The sysmac works again, but the panel shows only "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" on the display.  Cable is ok, it worked a couple of days before. Panel seem to have some kind of connection, if I pull the cable, it says "no host connection".   How do I setup the sysmac again to work with the panel?   Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Im a bit new to this system.