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  1. Hello,  after I updated my CMT-FHDX with codesys license, programming and uploading codesys i'ts ok , but I can't upload my CMT-FHDX project anymore. I see CMT  in easyweb, but easybuilder won't find the IP (won't recognize CMT HMI even if I manually add the CMT IP address)...so I can't upload project When trying to upload in easyweb, it's fails. I't say that is not the correct project (CMT-FHDX-220). I reset to factory de CMT and still the same problem. Before I updated with CODESYS license, I was able to upload succesfully projects to CMT-FHDX. Now I can't Please any advice Thankyyou
  2. I had that problem too. New version of FX3U PLC is not compatible with FX2N-4AD. You must use FX3U-4AD I had to use an old FX3U PLC and it works (I didn't find FX3U-4AD at local market) Use Melsec F series selection tool to find what modules can you use (the FX2N-4AD is not listed anymore )