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  1. Hi Yasir,

    I was trying to reset CP1W CIF41, you did mention in a post about resetting it using A525.00 and A525.01, Mine is ver2

    Do I need to set the too bits to reset it? I had a strange problem with my CIF41. I could use the setup page to set up the IP ADDRESS SUBNET, FINS NODE. I could see the IP address at the D32000 register when I connect to the PLC using USB. I could ping it. I couldn't find any error logs . But still, there is that red err led flashing. I couldn't figure out why I use default port 9600 as well. 

    The problem is that before I was able to upload and download code using CIF41 but not anymore I guess its because of the Err. 

    Thank you,


    1. joelsimon15


      Thanks a lot for the valuable information, sir. I couldn't even find this on the user manual. you must be a genius. 

      It worked


  2. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my CPI1 CIF41. The error light is blinking. I did set up CIF41. My IP address is  fins node address is 77, subnet I can access the settings using the setup page on the web browser. I can't see any errors in the error log status. it says everything is normal. I can also read the Ip address of the CIF41 from D32000 address when I connect to my PLC using USB. The problem is I can't connect to my plc using the CIF41. I used to be able to upload and download using CIF41 but not anymore. The port number is default 9600. I am also able to ping CIF41.  I don't know the reason for this flashing red led. Does anyone know if we can reinstall the firmware on it? Where I could find the firmware for it? If anyone has come across a similar problem please let me know  Thank you' Joel
  3. how to set up timer in st

    Hi Michael Walsh, I had a question about using timers or counters in structured text. I did declare the timer in the external section. I did try it declaring it in internal. I always end up getting the same error. I suppose you will be able to help me with my question. Please see the attached screenshot of my program and errors. code :TIMX(A, TimerNumber, 500); Declaration:TimerNumber    TIMER                            INTERNAL     0    0       ERROR: Symbol 'TimerNumber' is the invalid data type(TIMER or COUNTER) in the SFC/ST program.   Thanks JOEL