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  1. Have seen the similar charts for Siemens too. Another option could be also dividing tasks in the application. In some PLCs it is possible to have both fast tasks and slower tasks. For example, one task with length of 10 ms for turbine control and another with length of 100 ms for SCADA communication. Both running on the same CPU. And then prioritizing among tasks to ensure the speed.
  2. Codesys

    Codesys was developed in Germany and is used for programming by some German and international vendors. The environment supports IEC 61131-3 languages and has plenty of add-ons. Interface is a bit quirky, but relatively easy to start using. Modbus programming is done in a convenient way too.  Here is the list of the most known PLC brands supported by Codesys: Schneider-Electric / Modicon - the environment is called Unity Pro Beckhoff GP Systems GmbH / Regul RX00 - the environment is called Epsilon LD, free download and use is available from the website   Bosch-Rexroth Mitsubishi Omron WAGO Hitachi    
  3. AB vs Siemens

    There is a new alternative on the market. First, a disclosure - I work for this company, GP Systems GmbH. The line of controllers is called Regul RX00 and combines increased requirements to the availability - yes, we designed them initially for the process industries and before had extensive integration experience of Siemens. One of such features - switchover in 5 ms. Removed limitations on how modules could be placed in the system, added fiber optic option between racks (even CPU), all the common protocols (OPC, Modbus, IEC 101/104) to integrate with other systems, and created a free programming tool with IEC 61131-3 languages.