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  1. ''INVISIBLE'' buttons in PROFACE

    OH and I need to have LAMP FEATURE turned ON
  2. Hello,  I am doing PROFACE HMI touch screen projects, and I recently came up with an problem. I am using GP-PRO EX software to program and then later I would transfer the project to my PROFACE GP-4501TW. Now I came up with a problem, on one page there is no buttons on labels that I had written, But when I check it on the software its still there. So, its like I have buttons programmed but not showing on the touch screen! Also I can touch the buttons and it beeps and using WINDLDR I had found that the button works but that its somewhat hidden. Later I found out that LAMP FEATURE was turned on that caused the ''invisible button'' to happen. So, when I turned LAMP FEATURE OFF the buttons would return on the touch screen. I tried Preview, Simulation mode but all that showed the buttons. I have attached he pics below THANK YOU A COMPANY